1. Knew I had to eliminate around 7 pounds, but every weight loss program and technique I tried, let me down. However when I found the diet “lyly amazing guide” — you can Google it — That i knew I had to give it a try. I lost 5 lbs in a week.

  2. with Paleo, keto, no carbs diets, yes fat metabolism changes. You lose weight as a result. Being long term without fruit though is suicide, you need Enzymes for every processing function your body needs, not just the popular digestive enzymes. People on those diet long term become enzyme deficient- taking either Systemic, digestive or pancreatic enzymes through supplementation is a death sentance, is like you say to your body stop processing enzymes I give it to you through those pills. Ingesting fruit and absorbing naturally the enzymes from them, thats how the body optimise its chemical factory and bodily function, giving you energy and vitality. But for a doctor a piece a fruit is merely carb full of calories and sugar. Only when you look at fructose closely you discover it is a poison only once is isolated and extracted from its natural environment. Instead fructose balance within the fruit is almost a miracle and is the only form of sugar that can heal- yor digestive system need a rest- eating fruit only will provide this rest- fruit is the most digestible food, meaning that the body that normally uses 80% of its energy to digest, this time will only ise 20%, so it has an extra 60% devoted to cellular repair and healing. How long on fruit only? last time I lasted 5 months, felt great afterwards, never looked back. This is what I now do for prevention. Beside that this doctor seem very genuine and has helped many on the road to healthville so still kudos to him.

  3. Almost every person I know who goes on "low carb/nocarb" diet has regained all their weight and more. Even when keeping the calories relatively the same. Especially when adding carbs back. Not to mention low carb goes into keytosis- a metabolic state that is the same as people with diabetes. No thanks!

  4. Dr. Schallenberger, I was a patient of yours in Martinez Ca from 1973 to 1985. I'd lost my daughter Lydia (nearly 3 years old) to Juvenile Onset Diabetes in February 1984 when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant, then I became sick and you had me come in to test my blood sugar. I sat there crocheting in that cute little waiting room of the old house all morning while being tested. You said it was Hypoglycemia and straightened my diet out. Because I was pregnant, I was scared and wanted the best for my baby, so I stayed true to myself and the diet plan. I lost weight during the remainder of my pregnancy, gave birth to a healthy 10 lb baby boy, and was at the same weight I started. I only managed to stay on that eating program for a few more years before Life and the freedom of choices led me back to unhealthy ways. Sugar, alcohol, breads, and pastas have held me hostage. I'm 60 years old today, on my third highest weight level ever. Working physically hard but not losing weight. My metabolism is almost dead.
    Right now I'm stuck at 220 lbs. I found you on YouTube yesterday and just listened to your video on weight loss. What a pleasure to hear your caring voice again. You sound exactly the same all these years later. I still have that mimeographed copy of the diet plan/list you put me on in 1984. I was successful with it then and now I'm hoping I can make the change one more time in my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful caring doctor. God/Creator bless you always. ~ namaste

  5. I don't get it, vegetables consist, apart from water, mainly of carbohydrates, complex ones yes but carbohydrates nevertheless. I think Dr Shellenberger should have pointed out that there are "bad" (high glycaemic, sugars) and ""good" carbohydrates (low glycaemic, complex carbohydrates that are slowly released into the blood stream). I think our body will suffer on a permanent zero carbohydrate diet. Looking at human evolution, we used to mainly live on complex carbohydrates (vegetables fruits and grains), and to a lesser extent on meat. Also, the shape of our teeth is a strong indication for such a diet.

  6. Btw, everything this guy says is exactly what Gary Taubes says. But Shallenberger says it in a more low-key and subtle way that apparently doesn't piss people off.
    Maybe people's hearing tends to turn off if they hear the word "insulin" too many times? Shallenberger seems to be pretty careful about that? Another buzz phrase Shallenberger avoids is "energy balance." He's smart not to go there because evidently it just confuses people and pisses them off. But Shallenberger talks a lot about "low resting metabolism." This is exactly what Taubes is talking about when he says, in the tenth conclusion in GC, BC…

    "10. By driving fat accumulation, carbohydrates also increase hunger and decrease the amount of energy we expend in metabolism and physical activity."

  7. Hear that? He learned this by measuring the metabolism of his patients. Not from listening to purported experts or reading books on what the human body is "supposed to do" based on intellectual or moral idealism (or a combination thereof).

  8. I don't agree with the whole Cave man concept…which hasn't been founded to be true nor has any  evolution theory  been proven either.   But take the human body from a scientific process….this would make sense.  It's how we are created…and we are a complex in make up.   I don't think anything should be taken lightly, or think this is explained easily…we are all individual in every way…from our fingerprints down to our blood types.   But there are certain aspects in how our body processes 'foods'…and I'll take this from that function, onward.   (Yep, THAT is the way God made us)…I did hear you say that…lol

  9. I have been struggling with heart disease,depression,anxiety, ,ptsd, attacks, IBS , severe constipation, colon dysfunction ,and Now I am battling extreme nausea,and unexplained weight gain . Over the last 10yrs I have been hospitalized multiple time with phenomenoia. I have been treated by some of (the( best )specialist . None of which have been able to give a specific diagnosis. This man just told me every thing I needed to know. The sad part is that when I have the chance to to talk this over with my PCP on Tuesday I am so sure she will yet again send me to another specialist who will send me home with another prescription that will not treat the problem just some of the symptoms and that's if I'm lucky. I'm take 23 pills a day now and I just turned 55. All my health issues began at the again of 45 when I had a massive heart attack and was on life support for 11 days.