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  1. I used this recipe about a year ago it was amazing ! I am so happy I saved the video I am making it for tonight! Thank you my good sir for this recipe! aaaand I can barely count formulas is easy!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to say this was one of the easiest most wonderful recipes I have ever done.. I followed the instructions perfectly and my prime rib came out perfectly rare to medium rare. Thank you so much!

  3. Great video, I made this recipe and followed your instructions it came out perfect.
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  4. Chef john can describe perfectly my wedding night
    "First you give it a good old shaka-shaka than some poka-poka aaand your done"

  5. I tried this for our New Year dinner and it was a SCARY process! I had a 7 lb roast so 35 minutes at 500 degrees seemed like 3 hours. I did not leave the kitchen and had the hood full blast and the door open for the (ABUNDANCE of) smoke. I kept peeking through the oven window window (even though he said not to) looking for flames! Turned it off, waited the 2 hours and couldn't really see through the window so when I opened the oven I expected to see a shrunken piece of coal. It looked BEAUTIFUL! I put a thermometer in it and it said 139 degrees but when I cut it it was perfect. It must have hit the correct temperature during the 2 hours and dropped down a little. Was VERY skeptical of this recipe but from now on it will be the way I do a rib roast. I think I might try it on a fresh ham too. Thanks Chef John and Happy 2018 to all!

  6. THIS type of video is just nothing but TRICKS!

    Really, if THIS was about "Mountain Climbing" this would try and tell YOU, how to leap from the base to the summit of a mountain.

    No fucking good!

  7. I just did this my 1st ever Prime Rib & it came out perfect. Didn't take as long to cook as I thgt it would. I started with 3.6 lbs of meat, mine Wasn't bone in & I cooked it 20 mins at the 500 degrees, then shut off oven & was timing the 2 hours rest time, I had a meat thermometer inserted into the center of the meat & I just left it in oven until it said 150 degrees. I think it was done when there was still 40 mins or so left on the that orig 2 hour rest time. Tasted Amazing, Thks for the video post on how to do a prime rib correctly.

  8. wayyyy to specific. just get a fucking meat probe and stick it in. done deal. no one has the same oven so pointless trying to calculate. lol beyond retarded. simple meat probe will tell you exactly when your meat is done.

  9. John? I am using this recipe tomorrow for my family, cooking in a manly way. Will report back, you stinking genius you!

    Chef John, you magnificent bastard I watched your recipe

  10. I found out how important it is to make sure that the temperature of the meat is at room temperature.  He is not kidding when he talks about the temperature of the meat.  Great recipe if you follow it though, simple, easy and very tasty!  Thanks Chef John!!

  11. Everything was great. But you needed it to mention again the temperature needed to be reduced after the 500 degree temperature… When you turned it off to add the 2 hours. I was completely following this method… But found out I forgot an important detail since it was not mentioned again to reduce the temperature. I realize it an hour later. Yes I have a burn prime rib for my new years party