Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make homemade pancakes. When I make pancakes, I do not bother with those chemical laden instant pancake mixes that you just add water to. Instead I like to make my own batter, as it uses just a few ingredients that most of us have in our pantries.

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  1. My autistic son loves pancakes soooooo much,he insists to make it by himself. Cause once they did it in school,
    I wish if i can do such a pancakes without him !
    He wants to measure and do everything else!
    And he find a pleasure in rising the pan and flip the pancakes 🙄
    They just like pancakes that made by a 7years old child 😅

  2. I thought it was too watery so instead of adding a cup of milk, I added 3/4 of milk. For those who are vegan I replaced the egg with 1/2 of a banana and cashew milk

  3. Good presentation. I've been making pancakes for a very long time. Perhaps one day I'll actually measure the ingredients. I would use the cooking spray for only the first pancakes on the griddle. Thereafter, you will get better browning without it. You don't have to guess when the pancake is cooked in the center after flipping. It will spring to the touch. "Peeking" will affect browning. If I make them with sour dough starter for leavening, adding just a little baking soda immediately before (not heat-activated) cooking gives a fluffier result. That's true in your style, too. Then less baking powder and salt can be used. I can actually taste baking powder and like to reduce the amount needed.
    I like to make them with a yeast batter, too. Those are quite different.

  4. I use coconut tapioca and wheat flour in different recipes but I stopped using white flour all together. I use wheat flour but I haven't mastered it just yet…they come out good but could be better..

  5. Thank you for teaching like a teacher/mother/sister/Aunty, who would like the watcher to learn and give help-eg-how to make overnight for tomorrow’s breakfast before work. Really helps me now cause m tired of eating bread and butter all the time LOL

  6. Hi, I made shoo pastry, they were gorgeous and gorgeous and perfect in every way, thnx I have one qustion, when gelatin is in sheet, then how to measure it in table spoon??