The media mogul shared her lessons in Weight Watchers magazine, appearing on the cover for the first time.

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  1. (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 👀 ))) covers all the basics of weight loss and (what I think is even more important) keeping the weight off. It first talks about health risks of obesity, which most I knew but some surprised me. It then goes into both diet and exercise tips and strategies. My favorite part was when it debunked myths of weight loss and went over different types of foods and diet fads (low carb, fat free, etc) and explained if and why they worked and also considerations.

  2. This plan, “lyly amazing guide” (Google it), has made it simple for me to get rid of the extra fat faster than I ever previously expected. Just Google "lyly amazing guide" and read all the details.

  3. How many times should we celebrate Oprah's various weight losses? Do we really have to give a shit? Besides, after losing weight about a 100 times, she is still very heavy and consistently chooses really ugly clothes that are always too tight. The whole package is pretty unattractive.

  4. I've always had problem losing weight my whole life and finally my friend reached out to be and refereed me to this product.I didn't believe it would work for me but she convinced me to try it and it worked withing exactly 2 weeks.Within just two weeks of dealing with this product i was able to lose 22 exact pounds. So yes I recommend this as the quickest formula to lose weight.Check it out here's the link.

  5. The haters here are adding to my motivation. I understand those not familiar with WW latest program not trusting her long term ability to maintain a loss. I don't know what percentage of haters here even have experienced life long yo-yo weight.

    In America – land of the cheap low quality food and high priced healthier choices, it has to be a lifestyle change for maintenance to work. I think building up good habits with one's food intake, mental outlook, and exercise leads to success more than simple deprivation diets or just dealing with portion control which can get you to a goal, only to quit and regain.

    Most of us can stick it out on any decent short term portion control or specific avoidances diet, but without the other parts, and learning how eat enough to feel satisfied and less deprived (by making better choices or compensating for when you really want to have the not best for you stuff), it is very hard to treat this as a journey instead of just a destination. WW is about slower weight loss than most diets. It is about learning to change your mindset and learning ways to get in more movement and incorporating all this as a lifestyle change.
    Sounds a bit overwhelming to consider this doable at first, but gradually the good habits build and it gets better and easier. Still not finished with it at goal weight though. But that's okay. Maintenance has tough parts too.

    How about you judgemental folks with issues of your own try it (the latest version) before knocking it? How about give Oprah a break and supporting her choice to continually try to be successful long term? Good for her! She still recognizes the need to make a change and is taking steps to do it.

    In the WW program we know the types of struggles other members face. We can give and receive support throughout the journey in many ways. If you don't have problems lucky you! No need to pick on WW or those using it when you don't understand it.
    WW beats anything by far that I have tried over a long life of being overweight and fluctuating with many diets. As a lifetime member, I take my health seriously and think I really have a shot to maintain a fit lifestyle now. Easy? Sometimes, but not always even now. Doable for life? After several years I say oh yeah!

    Ever heard this phrase "Past performance is no guarantee of future results."? It works both ways. Otherwise I would have no hope. I am willing to put in work that in the past I never was, or simply didn't know the tools to help me do it for the long term.

  6. Immediately after my good friend shared with me about the diet “lyly amazing guide”, I looked on Google and when I found it, I shed more than 14 pounds in just a several of weeks. The dietary plan is fantastic. My colleague already shed 14 lbs too.

  7. Being a fat pig is a sin she's probably the worst person weight watchers can use for that she should get with jZ and obama and snoop dog and just smoke some crack that big ass will be gone in no time