Easy, healthy ONE HOUR meal prep for the week! Chia seed oatmeal, DIY burrito bowl, & sweet potato hash – easily made vegan or vegetarian!
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  1. i love your videos so much and am so thankful for you doing this! you helped me live healthy, thank you so much, you're amazing

  2. The kumara (sweet potato) hash looks yum! Just wondering, what's in the pre-chopped veges mix?
    Also how long will the kumara/veges mix last in the fridge and can you freeze it? Thanks 🙂

  3. My lover gave me this awesome survival guide “suvo amazing guide” (Google it) as a present and I say I liked it so much. We are doomsday preppers, but wish to be prepared if any sort of disaster hits. A few disaster preparedness books for sale would only mention the classic ideas, however this book can help you know the “whats and hows” during a disaster in the present day.

  4. Eating the same breakfast 5 times a week, same lunch 5 times a week and same dinner 5 times a week? You got to be kidding me. Even if i can do it for one week, wouldn't be able to do it sustainably over more weeks, would rather kill myself! One can do a much more varied meal prep for a week in just using 2 hours on a sunday and you would be able to have different food every day by mixing and matching.

  5. I love your burrito bowl I think I will make some this week and put them in the freezer for lunches for my kids and family . The thing is I like your ml meal plan there but the variety isn't there as my family does not like eating the same thing today's in a row . I like doing a lot of freezer meals as you can check on my channel as well of things like frugal meals as I'm always about saving money .

  6. holy moly i wish i could afford $75 on myself each week for groceries. then i probably wouldn't be so hungry all the time 🙁

  7. My family eats out almost every night saying that cooking is too hard, cutting the chiken, grating the cheese, etc, etc… BUT AS YOU JUST SHOWED, YOU CAN GET ANYTHING PRE-WHATEVER!!! I can't wait to get my own home, I will absolutely be watching every video! Thank you for giving me hope that I won't eat fast food forever <3

  8. I love these meal prep videos as a first timer deffently helps me out keep putting out more of these with different foods you make my life much easier your AWESOOOOOOME SAUCE!!!!😁

  9. very good tips but I don't do Microwave, whenever time I need to heat my food I use a steamer which is way better than than a Microwave. Each to their own.