So here it is. A video where I tell you how I got where I am today and all my struggles. I hope you are going to like it. Link to my diet and workout is down below.




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  3. You sound just like me, my best friend starting making jokes when we met up the last time about I looked like I was in the kitchen to much. So, it made me realize if that's how she sees, then I wonder who else see me like that. So, I started working out a lot, and eating healthy. I didn't realize that I had looked any different because I think I didn't want too. So, similar start to why my weight loss began.

  4. Džiaugiuos tave matydamas.Na kaip matau ir anksčiau buvai graži.Aišku kiekvienas turi savo sprendima.Taip esi graži patraukli graži šukuosena.Gerpsiu tavo groži jeigu nepersistengti prisiauginsi ramenu išbrauksiu iš savo širdies.💟💟💟👍🌹🌹🌹💞☺

  5. I️ moved away from a town that I️ lived in for 2 years and moved to another town 15 minutes away and my fathers company got gym membership and the closest one was in my old town and I️ am nervous to go because I️ don’t want to see people I️ used to know because I’ve been trying to loose weight and I’m very self-conscious

  6. This video is fine and you're attractive. I just don't understand the lip injection trend. I feel like so many of these women are going to look back at their pictures and think "Damn…I look goofy as fuck." Why does every girl today look the same? Whyyy?