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  1. so many people saying "poor you!" "I feel so sorry for you for going through that!" This type of speech really doesn't help someone feel better about themselves…feeling pitied can cause more harm than good.

  2. I've been following you for over a year now and I've never noticed that you had lost all that weight! I'm so proud of you and the way you handled all these surgeries without any complaints because it is so hard since you have to film and vlog. honestly, you are so pretty from the outside and the inside as well. love u Gabbi. Be well.
    Sara from Saudi Arabia.

  3. You should never be embarrassing about what you have done if you are happy about the way you look that is all that matters and if people don't like you then that is there problem and you are an amazing person in my eyes and means others xxxxxxxx

  4. The words I keep hearing you say over and over in your video is your concern of what people will think. I hope some day soon you realize what other people think means a whole lot less to you living your life and being happy. Wear the shirts you want to wear, life is too short.

  5. Honestly I love scars so much. I don't know what it is about them, maybe because they're like tattoos in the way they tell a story. Anyways, if I saw your scars I wouldn't judge at all. I would just think they were so cool.

  6. people who talk like that to any other human being are horid. you are a beautiful person. what ever way you had to go to get yourself happy with yourself is perfectly OK. no two people are the same. don't let people judge you and change how you feel. you are worth everything!!!!!

  7. I feel like when I feel crappy I can see how strong you were and how amazing this video is and ahhhh you're just awesome!
    I'm really overweight and I feel bad about my body terribly and I just wanted some advice on how to feel and this was really helpful ❤️

  8. Girl, have so much respect for you. Please just wear short sleeves, people may ask about it but it doesn't matter! I have scars too from a surgery and I just decided one day that they're a part of me and now I almost like them. I'm glad you can be open about it now cause you seemed so unhappy trying to keep it from your subscribers. So happy for you! Good luck with everything!