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  1. Hey girl! Just found your channel and this is so great!! You are so inspirational! Way to not get discouraged, Can't wait to continue seeing your progress!I just started my own weight loss journey/channel as well and love watching and supporting other peoples journeys! New sub here! 😁❤

  2. Honestly these new people in your life are so good for you. Becky wanting to lose weight with you is huge! It seemed like Dustin never really supported you in that way. It’s hard trying to diet and live with someone who still eats like crap! Best of luck to you both! ❤️

  3. Its great that Becky is doing the weight loss with you. It helps her and you. Its always easier to lose weight when you have your best friend doing it with you. Keep up the good work you guys♥️♥️

  4. If you're ever feeling super hungry but don't want to eat a lot, make a sandwich with little peanut butter on one of the slices then cut half of one banana and put the banana on the side with the peanut butter. Then put the two slices of bread together and there ya go! It's a simple, easy and healthy snack. Saw it online for helping w/ weight loss and this works like a charm! Fills me up for hours!

  5. Maybe to switch your smoothies up try getting fresh fruit and freezing it, it's a lot healthier but a little more pricey. Also if your craving something sweet I like to freeze about 3 bananas and blend it with a tinnnyyyy bit of water and coconut shavings and cinnamon to make "banana ice cream" Just a suggestion:)

    Keep up the hard work!!

  6. I give you so much credit. To workout at your current weight is incredible. I know how painful it is to be overweight, and how difficult it can be to exercise. You're an inspiration. <3

  7. I love these kinds of videos, congrats on starting a new lifestyle I'm super proud of you & your girlfriend. I started my weight loss journey in March & have lost 90lbs.. only 10lbs left to go to get down to my goal weight of 130! You can do this, it's not easy at all but your gonna love the way you look, & your going to feel amazing & accomplished once you hit your goals! Remember that this is a lifestyle though, don't go to hard to fast keep it balanced. Rooting for both of you (:

  8. At the risk of sounding like everyone else who swears you have issues do to weight…. PLEASE see a dr. You’ve been sick for weeks with one illness or another.

    With that said, I think you will be more successful this time around. Becky is doing it with you, which means you’re in this together. Destiny acted like she didn’t need to lose weight and her eating habits were horrible. You also seem more positive about it. I wish you tons of luck and keep up the walking and the dancing. My main exercise is dance and I run on the treadmill a few miles. But walking is just as good.