Welcome! Here is a snippet of my weight loss journey which I have documented from day one, here on YouTube. I started losing weight 6 years ago, I have now lost 147lbs, got loose skin, underwent a tummy tuck surgery and now have been maintaining my weight successfully pretty much every day for 4 years! Please subscribe if you would like to join my journey, and get inspired to start yours…

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  1. Very inspirational video. The new you looks happy and accomplished. You deserve to be this happy after commiting all the hard work to yourself. It takes a very strong person to do that.

  2. OMG, You're amazing. I also started my weight loss journey and I have youtube as my inspiration AND motivation. So thanks for posting this video that brought me to your channel. God bless you dear

  3. You're so inspiring! I never really weigh myself because I'm too insecure but I know that I'm overweight. I'm watching weight loss videos in order to find motivation. I recently cut off all the junk food and drinks. I'm also planning on having long walks and then eventually going to the gym.

  4. Wow – you have done a absolutely amazing job. I'm so so inspired by your story. I have recently started a daily vlog to document my own personal journey and I love following the journey of others too. Thank you for being so honest, and raw and real.
    Gina 🙂