Hello, my dear friends!

In this video I talk about my loose skin. For those who do not know me, my name is Jordan and I lost 130lbs last year. I decided to make this video for everyone who keeps asking about my skin. I like keeping it as transparent as possible, so I hope it is informative and helpful!

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My current weight is around 175lbs
My starting weight was 303.4lbs
I am 5’9″
I am 24-years-old
I will be getting a full tummy tuck and bilateral breast lift
My shirt is from Killstar
My lipstick is Pure Heroine by MAC
My camera is the Sony a5100



  1. GUYS. I am so unbelievably overwhelmed by the amount of support in the comments. Thank you so much for all the love. I am so happy that you found this video helpful. Thank you for all the compliments on my skin, personality, appearance, etc. YOU GIVE ME THE WARM FUZZIES AND I JUST REALLY APPRECIATE YOU ALL. Be expecting more videos because you all GIVE ME LIFE.

  2. I’m currently on my journey and I’m at 220 (I started at 235 two months ago, lost the weight the first month and was only able to maintain during the holidays fu tamales). I’m not really nervous about loose skin but I’m really worried about my boobs. I’m currently a 38DD and I know they’ll go down to at least a c once I get to my goal weight. I’m 5’8. Did anyone else with similar sizing have that issue?

  3. My name is Jordin! And literally I have absolutely fell in love with this channel already. I just recently made the decision to lose some weight and tone up my body a bit for the new year and this really makes me want to push further! I don’t know about the skin removal portion, but I feel like I can do just as wonderful a job you did!!

  4. Girl… You are amazing! Bravo on the confidence. You are helping a lot of people.

    The Mandela effect is crazy… My husband and I talk about it all the time. I feel like it's caused by time travel.

  5. I will say that I AM kind of afraid of getting loose skin, but when I look at my body (I'm currently around 230 Lbs) in comparison to yours, I'd trade in a heartbeat

  6. Oh my god, I am actually seeing a female version of me…. I too was thinking all I have is fat and I am thinking why is my fat not going away, but after seeing you I can understand that its just loose skin with little bit of fat under it, I was planning on excess skin removal surgery as well but 2018 gave me a new thing called water fasting. I was told it will feel like going through all of hell every single day but I felt almost the same way loosing 40 kilos I was 116kg as on dec 2016 then I am determined to loose weight(actually I did it all through out my life and failed but my girlfriend left me and taught a good lesson for what I am living as a life is not a life worth living. I decided to end it sometimes in 2017 but still some part of me told if I am going to go out why not win and go out(actually an old lady in my country taught me all that talking to her about life and what it really is all about gave me a lot of insights on the problems that I couldnt solve in my life). Recently I went to this clinic where they perform the surgery and got some councelling about what would be the effects and how I should take care of myself after the surgery and all those stories. what I felt was like I am being dragged into some market where they use me and some friends told me why would you go on a surgery after going through all those sufferings that I did and finally going to a surgery (which everybody looks at as a cheat ) If I ever will get a body that would look perfect It should be something I earned, I should be proud of what I did to my self. so I am willing to take this leap of faith on the water fasting, I've never done it before but I am going to over do it in this 6-8 months for her birthday comes on november and I will make sure no matter what happens I will achieve my goal. and I dont care even if I die because I am dead a long ago this is just soul not accepting defeat and rejection. All through my life I was a douche but finally these days I am doing something which everyone here is respecting me. try water fasting, give it a try. good day.

  7. Look, the loose skin sucks to have, but you look so so so good. Also, I cannot get enough of your sense of humor. When you said scrotum tits I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I know you dislike the skin, but the fact that you prioritized your health is so inspiring. And that you can make fun of yourself shows how great of a person you are. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there for the betterment of the rest of us.

  8. Oh my goodness!! I freaking love you!! This is the second video I’ve watched from you and my goodness woman! You are so Brave and so so Beautiful!! Will keep watching your videos! ☺️❤️

  9. Jordan, I just started following your journey and I have to say that I freaking love you already. I feel like I know you and girl, you are inspiring me to get my shit together! xx