Here is my favorite indomies recipe, click on the link to visit the main page if you want to learn more about this delicious recipe and other Nigerian breakfast recipes. This is one of the easiest Nigerian foods.



  1. In Indonesia, we don't put the seasoning when the noodle is boiling, instead, we put it when it's cooked. By the way, INDOMIE SELERAKU!

  2. try indomie goreng 🙂 (fried noodles Indomie) btw cook the noodles just 1 minutes is enough if u gonna like fried it again 🙂

  3. I did this recipe last night it is the most delicious thing I tasted in a while! I will stick to this recipe it is so yummy!!

  4. if u like indomie (a brand.. I think).. u all should go check out the instant noodle aisle in an asian grocery store.. cuz the varieties will blow your mind..

  5. I'm sorry but as a Nigerian I can certify that we do not over cook the indomie like that. I get that this is your style, but please don't associate it with all Nigerians. I like my indomie medium rare (if I can say that.) And my brother why you dey put egg for the indomie like that na? Just call this an Asian inspired indomie made in a Nigerian kitchen. PS. WE KNOW INDOMIE WAS MADE OR FOUNDED IN INDONESIA! CLAP FOR YOURSELF AND GET A SEAT PEOPLE!

  6. Indomie is originated from INDONESIA thats why it called INDOMIE = INDOnesia MIE, get It?
    The Company expand the business through out the world and decided to build one of their factory in Nigeria, due to cheaper production than Indonesia.