HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! It is January 1st! It’s a new year – a fresh start. I hope that my story can help inspire you to make a positive change in your life. If I could change my life, so can you. IT’S YOUR TURN!! (Click to expand me and continue reading).

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As always, thank you so much for the endless support. You guys are incredible.

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  1. just discovered your videos they are amazing you are amazing and the dramatic music is so cool you have given me motivation to go to the gym right now and go shopping for healthy food.

  2. Are you now pretty consistent with your weight? I've lost 30 pounds recently and would like to lose like 40 more to be at the weight that I am suppose to be for my age. I now weigh 170. Smallest I've been since the beginning of high school and I've been out of high school for two years. I haven't seen much more progress for like almost 2 months. Any advice to continue to stay motivated to want to get to my goal? This post is encouraging but just need more advice to get to the point I want to be.

  3. I'm gonna try again. I was in the army for three years and worked out so hard that I kept injuring myself and I don't wanna do that…The results weren't the best, either. I'm gonna do it. I just need to find my own stride.

  4. i want to lose weight, im about 40-50 lbs overweight. when i was about 10 my stomach started acting weird all of the sudden. i was always nauseous in the mornings and never ate breakfast, but i never threw up. about two years ago (14-15ish) i started getting sick all of the sudden in the mornings. everyday before school i had to puke before i left or i would on the bus. during that time until summer (about six months total) i lost 60 lbs. was 180, then ended up 120ish. doctor said i lost a lot of weight really fast but if i could maintain that weight id be fine because it would be a healthy weight for me. found out what was wrong with my stomach, i had gastritis, so i got meds and started feeling better and eating. wellll ive gone back up to 180 and am over weight again. since summer ive been eating WAY healthier and i've been exercising as much as i can. (by that i mean, i can only go to the gym when my mom goes which is literally never. and she wont let me go anywhere besides the trails behind my house to run in the woods. and i HATE going back there because its all slim trails up on a hill so if i trip and fall, im going down the hill and breaking some bones most likely. and im super clumsy so i couldnt go back there unless i wanna risk my life…) so ill do sit ups and stuff in my room. but even eating healthier and exercising when i can, i've just gained weight //: i havent stepped on a scale in a month because i've been too scared to see it hit 190 or 200.. idk what to do…

  5. i just followed you on instagram and honestly i want to make 2018 my year, i'm tired of being uncomfortable and unhealthy – i really wanna document my progress as well as i think it'll help keep me motivated. i'm working towards losing 80 lbs in total – thank you for this video and for your informative videos!!! xx

  6. What was your diet?? I am 13 and i am so insecure about my body right now!! my mom wont let me do diets that i want to do that will majorly boost my metabolism but your journey is so inspiring. What did you do in order to make this happen? Also, if im 5ft 3 and 130 lbs does that make me fat?? My goal weight: 100lbs or less.

  7. I started my own journey this year (on the second of jan). I accidentally came across one of your videos that inspired me to do that. You're such a huge inspiration, I wish you all the luck in the future!

  8. I'm slowly transitioning to a more vegan/organic diet. It's hard to since I live with my parents, and theyre hardcore junk food addicts, and there's nothing but temptation all around me. I also had binge eating disorder, and I've recently gotten on appetite suppressers, and already I've lost about 20lbs. I need to start making more time for the gym. My doctor says I need to lose between 100-120lbs, but I'm honestly not too obsessed over the number, I just want to look toned and healthy

  9. You are a HUUUUGE inspiration. I hit 300 pounds when I was 17 or 18 and my all time highest weight was 381. I am currently on day 6 of my weight loss journey. I am vlogging mine on youtube. So I hope to be successful like you. Also I love your style.

  10. This is motivating and I’m trying to believe in myself but I have tried before and I gave up, I just need the right thing to motivate me while I’m doing it and idk what