This video slideshow follows my year long journey to loose 120 pounds and how I adopted my new lifestyle of health and fitness!!
Started close to 260 and now im around 138 and still loosing!

A little background of how I lost the weight:

My 6 diet tips that helped me through my journey:

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  1. Wow! Your determination and will power are amazing! You were a very pretty girl before, but you are seriously beautiful now! Good for you! Enjoy your new look! You deserve every compliment!

  2. My weight loss journey began with a simple system that was super easy and was NOT a meal replacement. I love food and I like to eat. I was never crabby and never experienced any jitters or drop in blood sugar. I can read every ingredient and all have been approved my multiple doctors. Why? Because they are safe AND effective with no side effects like diarrhea or that you can’t take it with your medications. I’ve kept the weight off and it’s been 8 months. Xxl to a med/large in 28 days.

  3. ❤ inspirational♥I want to make 2018 my year I will start my weight loss journey on YouTube to be able to stay accountable , I'm a stay at home mom with 3 toddlers which 2 of them are autistic so it's always something new at home and I'm at 205 and this has been the biggest I've ever been and I'm only 25, you are an amazing inspiration

  4. Im so motivated by ur video but some days i just wake up feeling so down n cnt go on from there but im making it my choice now to lose weight im 214 n im going to go till 130 goal weight thank you for your video 🤗😍😇

  5. Best weight loss video ever!!! You can't help but wonder, who wouldn't agree?? All the people that weren't mentally strong enough to do this. They got surgery (scars) and still couldn't accomplish what you did, they are the thumbs down. Best video ever. Insanity, dieting and strength training. Amazing!

  6. Congratulation for all the hard work, sacrifices and dedication you accomplished on this journey.  I'm confused as to why so many dislike but that is okay.  God bless you and I wish you continued success…you are an inspiration!

  7. Thanks for showing realistic results because u end up having lose skin and the u did strength training and build muscles even though you still have lose skin you look nice. Some people be way bigger than what u waa and they lose weight and have no lose skin and that's odd to me