In this scene from IT’S SUPPERTIME!, Matty shares a family recipe for (shelled) mussels in a quick and easy tomato sauce.

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  1. I took this basic concept and turned it into mussel and clam stew. Have to say it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Thanks Matty!

  2. Wow only if you work in a real resturant with a real head chef you be fired…… Or executive chef. Makes me feel sad for you.But atleast you take advantage of this people watching youre channel haha..

  3. Why is he screaming so much? I can hear him across the ocean over here in Germany. Someone tell him they invented a thing called microphone. And speakers. You talk into the mic and boom! I can hear you through my speakers no problem. No need for screaming.

    Food is yumy, though!

  4. Usually I don't critisize but all the good juice from the steamed mussels is going to the iced water. Dont do that. Just dont over cook your mussels.

  5. You're killing the natural full flavors of the mussels by doing it this way – seriously, all the juices that drip into your steamer water, and then all the washing in the ice water — this is why they are better WHOLE and cooked into the sauce, as the juices from the mussels actually help to build a stocky seafood flavor INTO the sauce …

    This is not the way you should do it, really.

  6. Lol…take the mussels out of the shells then leave the tomatoes on the vine so your friends have to pick those off instead. Nice.

  7. I love how he is always talking about cooking for your friends as though I am not going to just eat all of this alone in my underwear

  8. Tomato stems/vines and green parts are TOXIC . Why cook it and have poison in your dish ? REMOVE the stems/vines AND leaves !