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masala puri recipe | masala puri chaat recipe | masala poori recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a spicy, lip smacking street food of india which is prepared by mixing crushed pooris and hot masala gravy from green peas and potatoes. roadside masala puri recipe was originated from southen state of india, but widely appreciated in all northern states today.

masala puri recipe | masala puri chaat recipe | masala poori recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. it is simple chaat recipe and the preparation is extremely simple. moreover the hot masala gravy from green peas and aloo can be prepared in advance and the assembling can be done just before serving. the same gravy can also be used in other chaat recipes as a topping.



  1. and i tried many times to prepare perfct masala puri but alwys it floped ….nw am so happy its perfct nw…tank you hebbars kitchen

  2. Hi Archana …
    Love you loads , your way of cooking, the way u present I really really awesome.
    I have tried many of your recipes which turned out great taste.
    Thanks a lot nd v r very glad to have u on YouTube
    Thank u so so much dear😃

  3. I tried your masala puri, panic Puri n tamarind chutney 😘😘😍👌 wonderful mam… Superb taste…v had a grt time with my family 😆 ty😊