Everyone loves a weeknight meal they can get on the table in 20 minutes. This one-pot pasta recipe combines a few fresh ingredients, water, and a touch of olive oil with dried pasta, and it all cooks together in a saute pan. With its straight sides and flat bottom, it’s ideal for this dish. #justonepot

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Martha Stewart’s One Pot Pasta Recipe – Martha Stewart



  1. A lot of Italians think they can dictate how pasta should be cook, It's pasta, food! People should be able to cook how they want to and eat what want to, get over yourselves for pete's sake.

  2. I've made this several times and love it! There were a couple times I was so sick everything I made tasted like crap. I made this and it was the only thing I could eat while sick with strep throat.

  3. I think it is better to saute everything first then when done, add the liquid and pasta. You will have more flavor. It wont be authentic and all but can still be yummy when done right

  4. What a surprise. Another pasta video and the majority of comments are Italians trying to claim they make better pasta and calling anyone who says otherwise stupid Americans. We live in a global society.. you can make the exact same dish in Italy that you can in North America.. or China, or Germany. Your nationality doesn't make you a better or worse cook. Cook what you want, when you want, however you want.

  5. Just because it's pasta don't think this is meant to be Italian. It is a simple one-pot recipe that cooks up quickly and happens to include pasta. Like Martha says above "a weeknight meal they can get on the table in 20 minutes."

  6. Italian here. I hope you do not say around inventing it because you were lying.
    The dishes of the Italian poor tradition as pasta with beans, or with lentils, with chickpeas, with cauliflower, or with potatoes are usually cooked in one pot.
    What you have done in this video is called PASTA RISOTTATA, because it's prepared as if it were a risotto. But there's a very big mistake here:, water should be super hot, actually boiling water in another pan, because if you put cold water on pasta, the exterior part will be soggy and the internal part not well cooked. But if you dedice to cook it more, pasta will be overcooked for sure, and overcooked pasta it's bad, really bad! Add water a little at a time.
    A real Italian, or a real chef, would never say "cook pasta for 11 minutes". Pasta is ready til is ready. There are so many different shapes, wheat and brands, that's why each type of pasta has its own cooking time (written on the package) AND even in that case the real chef tastes it before switch off the stove.
    A respectful chef will never use "parmesan", but the original PARMIGIANO REGGIANO or GRANA PADANO. Why you (americans) buy real French Champagne and not real PARMIGIANO?

  7. Honey this is how ALL noodles/pasta are and have been made in Iran/Persia, for like ever. You must have borrowed it from your Iranian friends(as you did on how cooking basmati rice). That is perfectly okay. Is like learning how to cook like the Chinese or the French. No credit is necessary. It is a national style of making pasta/noodles in Iran

  8. I can confirm that I made this and just bought some stuff to make it again, this time I'm gonna add some zucchini and bought some red pepper flakes just for this too (left them out first time). It is really good stuff and is the first time I actually ate a whole box of pasta in one sitting, and that was supposed to be a light lunch!

  9. To all the butthurt Italians:

    1) Your recipes vary from region to region and family to family in your own country, just like what happens in every other country. There really is no distinct "Italian" way to cook.

    2) You pride yourselves on being "Italian" yet what is that (see No. 1) when you have become so mixed/varied you can't claim any specific ethnicity to identify "Italian" anymore.

    3) America is a multi-cultural society that has always and will continue to take things from every culture, possibly combine them with others, refine them to fit its needs and call it whatever they want.

    Freedom, baby! It's never having to say you're sorry.

  10. Because…boiling a pot of water and simmering a sauce for 10 minutes, draining and combing is just TOO MUCH WORK? Damn, no wonder 50% of the US population is so obese…we are lazy asf.

  11. Pasta is a simple dish yet so many people overcomplicate it just like this and it tastes much worse than if you just stick to a traditional Italian way