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Mama June’s 22-year-old daughter is speaking out against her mother’s surgery.



  1. chickadee needs to grow up and respect her mother. that woman gave you life, food shelter etc. She made a bad decision bringing that man back into your lives but where is he now? gone! not just that but what does one thing have to do with another? you being upset at the past shouldn't be a reason to bring down your mother for wanting to lose weight! June has actually become an inspiration to many woman who feel they'll never be able to lose weight. how could you shame your mother for that? June had a reason to lose weight. she wanted to show sugar bear what he lost. that's not a good reason to lose weight but you know what? it worked. today she's healthier than ever. I wish june the best, she has inspired so many woman to exercise and be healthy. set a goal and fight to reach it. what have you done or accomplished chickadee besides using your 90 minutes of fame to shame your mother?

  2. If june wanted another show, damn she'd be cheating every single day. Surgery costs money, weight loss costs dedication, june seems dedicated and gives off the emotion of losing weight and the transitioning through the show.

  3. I admire everything June did to lose weight but I think Anna is right, and really wish the family would get off TV and out of the public eye so Alana can have a chance at a normal, happy life.

  4. Is June trying to help Alana get healthy? I don't keep up with most of this stuff but I'd hate to see Alana end up the size June was and have to work twice as hard to get back on track. Better while she is still young.

  5. thank goodness some of her children have since… her daughter better hope karma doesn't come back and slap her in the face because she has a daughter to and what goes around comes around….