The reality TV star discusses her new show, her kids and her decision to have gastric sleeve surgery.



  1. LMAO God I hate how vapid television can be. Remember when ppl thot Honey Boo Boo was cute because she was chubby and cute? We televised it, watched it, ate that shit up. And now, she's not so cute, but she still has the eating habit that used to give her praise and attention. I put my money on the fact that she'll have problems with food and acceptance for the rest of her life, due to her mother and that terrible show.

  2. In Norway that child wuld be taken away from her, I mean look how obese that girl is because of her mother's lack of knowledge about nutrition. She's destroying her own child's life by making her so fat. I know myself that because of obesity I had it so much worse in life than others who were normal-weight and good looking…

  3. I understand all the negative comments, but Alana is just a CHILD. Back off a little. All of the things you are complaining about when it comes to her should be blamed on the mother. Period. Alana wasn't born like that….she was allowed, encouraged and even PAID to be that way for years. Please don't bully a child!

  4. This 👀 👀 is a great guide. He talks a lot about all aspects of getting in shape, including diet, mental struggles, staying motivated, etc. He has done a lot of research and back up what he says. I started this a week ago and am looking forward to seeing change. Lots of great information.

  5. People! Stop calling Alana fat! Not everyone is gonna be skinny. Though I never liked Alana and her family, that doesn’t mean I call her fat. You guys are probably just mad you’re not as popular!

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