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  1. I like your presentation. I have had this wonderful dish many times, but always covered in the gravy. It always tastes great, but I like the way you did it. Malai Kofta is the one and only dish I can eat with tomatoes. I think the balance of pungent spices, onions, and dairy work for me, balancing out the natural acidity of tomatoes. Thanks for sharing your cooking skills with us!

  2. Hello Bhavna I tried making kofta curry your way in pressure cooker awesome result, thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful recipe. keep up the great work!

  3. hi Bhavna no reply to my previous emails, anyway for making gravy If I don't have hand blender can I use magic bullet ,please ,advise thanks

  4. hi Bhavna dear after watching this video it seems u have showed different method of making curry for malai kofta in pressure cooker but this time you have added planner please advise if I am correct thnx

  5. Very nice recipe Bhavna, I want to try this recipe of yours. few questions how did you make tomato puree or is it ready made if yes which one and If I don't have hand blender how to make paste of masala can I use food processor or other blender (one we use to make shakes), please advise, thanks

  6. Please stop faking the accent , your cooking skills are amazing but plz try to avoid such accent it sounds weird . We are indians 🙂 Thanks for sharing recipes !

  7. Yummy curry😎…Hats off to you Bhavna💖…well explained n very neat…You r the best👍👏…Just bcos shes Indian,u guys find the accent funny😕…In the world,Arabs,Japanese n Scottish people say English differently….bcos it's not their mother tongue😊…The Gujju roots n the place you hv lived for a looong time makes all the difference😉…Appreciate n Move on😄…Negativity will never keep you Happy😱…3 cheers to Bhavana😙

  8. +sumukh mokal I don't understand why accent is of any concern in this video. I assume you are watching this video to get recipe, not study accent or personality. If you are really interested in cooking & the recipe of +Bhavna's kitchen, it shouldn't matter whether the accent is Indian, American, Italian, Mixed or if she simply is in a mood to try a new accent. Watch the video, try to cook it same (or hopefully better), & enjoy eating! No personal comments needed. Hope you get what I mean & don't take it personally. You seem like a "personal person" 🙂

  9. ha ha ha ha ha ha.u have amazing accent.i think u r not frm this world most probably not frm U.S. or uk.r u frm jupiter?😜

  10. Yes u r right .she is not born in india bro.
    But some people act like this that they are N.R.I WHATEVER WHERE EVER THEY ARE

  11. so u think u have reached the pinnacle of glory? u wana say ppl commenting are stupid n u r d only one right? plz get a life…

  12. You should show how to make Cofta as well..but in this video u did show only how to make curry which was very easy to cook..!!! So what i learn from ur video only how to make curry where u put little cream in it for me this dish name would be …Malai Curry !!!!

  13. was great taste! but my balls fell apart in the boiling oil so you've gotta make sure its really boiling and rum them with oil before to kinda compress them..i think cuz then it worked..

  14. Thank you so much Bhavna. I made this tonight and it was absolutely divine. I added 2 extra ingredients to it, which I thought gave it a bit more edge. I stuffed the Koftas with a mixture of coarsley crushed cashews, almonds and pistachios before frying. I also added Kasuri Methi and a bit of sugar to the curry towards the end. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. Thank you Bhavna!  I tried the recipe and it was really great!  I used it with mixed vegetables, though, because I was too lazy to make the koftas.

  16. Bhavna ji plz dont mind this is not malai kofta .this recipe u can called veg kofta because malai kofta is in white gravy of boil onion and cashew paste

  17. Bhavna ji plz dont mind this is not malai kofta .this recipe u can called veg kofta because malai kofta is in white gravy of boil onion and cashew paste