cold brew coffee

On sweltering summer days, cold brew coffee is often a refreshing substitute for your hot morning coffee. The cool, satisfying summer drink is simpler to make than you believe.

In simplest terms, cold brew is produced by soaking coffee grounds in water at room temperature or cooler for some time of time. The resulting beverage is less acidic for the palate than your typical cup, it also packs a punch. Because it requires more grounds than hot coffee, cold brew provides the added good thing about more caffeine.

cold brew coffee

There are many cold brewing gadgets on the market, but this recipe will highlight an easy way to improvise accustomed to equipment you likely have already got. After 18 hours, you’ll end up using a potent cold brew concentrate which might be diluted and enjoyed with ice, sparkling water or maybe your milk of.

So, grab your favourite freshly roasted coffees, and provides this simple cold brew method a go.

Cold brew coffee dilute

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 18 hours, 30 minutes
Serves: 8

100 g or roughly 1 cup coarsely ground coffee
800 mL or 3 1/2 cups filtered water
1L Mason jar
Fine mesh bag or nut milk bag
Paper coffee filter
Strainer or funnel


Cold brew

1. Place nut milk bag inside of a mason jar and fill with ground coffee. Add filtered water. Give your soaked grounds a stir. Cover the mason jar using a cloth and it within the fridge to brew for 18 hours.

Cold brew step # 2 2. After 18 hours, take your brew out from the fridge and punctiliously remove the mesh bag stuffed with coffee grounds. Tip: Used coffee grounds gives excellent reasons compost.

cold-brew-filter 3. Pour your cloudy brew by using a pre-soaked paper filter (pre-soaking removes paper-y taste). If you don’t have pour-over coffee equipment, a strainer or funnel lined using a paper filter will perform.

cold-brew-milk 4. You now have a superior cold brew concentrate. Dilute with ice and water or add milk and sweetener to taste. Store your cold brew coffee inside the refrigerator to take pleasure from for up to each week.