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  1. This is similar to my recipe. I multiply it by 4 and make it for work every year for the holiday party, it's ALWAYS the first thing to go. It's the same measurements for everything, but I do a couple things differently. For the sauce I do 1/2 sharp cheddar, 1/4 montery jack and 1/4 colby jack. I also add basil instead of thyme, and paprika and garlic powder to the sauce. Lastly, for the crust, I actually crush up garlic and butter (or cheese and butter, or something similar) croutons and sprinkle them over the top and shred some parmigiano-reggiano on top along with part of the three cheese blend earlier, but the parm and crumbs always goes on top. The croutons are the real secret and everyone's always complimenting the crust.

  2. I am not a smart man. My sauce was a little too thick after adding the cheese, but after baking it it really dried it out. It was still good but make sure your sauce isn't too thick.

  3. Thomas Jefferson invented macaroni and cheese? Yeah right, only a fool would believe that! More like, he stole the recipe and claimed it!

  4. Made this. So Good. I've tried a lot of Mac n Cheese  recipes and this is by far my husband's favorite and mine too. Thx chef John!

  5. chef john. hope you dont mind me sharing this on my blog. its amazing. i add crispy bacon and diced ham to mine. your not only a great chef but very entertaining as well. you made me look like a hero in front of my family. thank you sir and a very merry christmas to you. cheers. from canada.

  6. Jefferson: dashing towards the kitchen
    Jefferson: comes back with mac and cheese
    Whole Constitutional Convention: Thomas nO
    Jefferson: Thomas YES

  7. I’ve been having this problem where when I add the flour to the butter to make the roux, it ends up crumbling and drying out. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, maybe my stove is too hot, or maybe I’m adding in not enough butter or too much flour. Help???

  8. Not sure if I'll get an answer being that this video is old, but I was planning on making this today as a side for Thanksgiving tomorrow. What would be the best way to Reheat tomorrow?

  9. I don't know what I did wrong or how to fix. Texture was grainy. And when I poured the sauce on the pan it was funny not creamy. Flavor was decent

  10. You forgot to add the tomatoes with concord grape wine sauce over the top! Forget the Japanese bread crumbs and use crushed pretzels instead.

  11. The first written recipe [for macaroni and cheese] seems to be from The Experienced English Housekeeper, by a Mrs. Elizabeth Raffald. Published in 1769

  12. Dont use breadcrrumps…. Use your leftover cheese… And use a muffin tin.. Makes individual amounts.. And gets you a complete crisp cheese (side of the pan…) bite.. to the whole thing….

  13. I tried making this recently and I had a strange thing happen. After taking the mac and cheese out of the oven and letting it cool, the cheese sauce was dry and kinda crumbly, kinda like wet flour, instead of being creamy. I don't know if it was a mistake from a step I did in making the bechamel or not. It was just right before I had put it into the oven so I don't know what I possibly did wrong.

    Regardless, it was pretty dang tasty!

  14. guys, I'm kinda lost: So in that other video (on how to make lump free sauce) he said to make the roux, let the butter sing until all the water evaporates and then add the milk, but here it's different, why?