You never know where someone is on their weight loss journey.

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Amanda Holland



  1. Yknow im not overweight, I’m underweight, but I can really understand how hard it is to lose weight. I have the same issue with gaining it. Although I don’t suffer through people harassing me, I hate my body. This video is really inspiring. 🙂

  2. Can I please come hug you ❤ you are the most beautiful woman to me and I want to protect you. What you are doing, changing your lifestyle to become more healthy is fantastic. You have a beautiful body and I want you to know that. I was in this same situation 2 years ago and it lead me to go crazy and force my body to lose 80 pounds in 6 months. That wasn't good for me so I want you to stay healthy and gorgeous 😍

  3. Perfect ending to this video! Weight loss is SO much easier when you let go of the numbers and just workout and eat healthy for you! Every day is only a small step, and if you obsess with the results were every day, you're so much more likely to give up. I tried every fad diet and eating disorder I could find, but I didn't lose the weight until I stopped looking at a scale and just lived my life, only healthier. This is a very positive message.