Looking Toward 2018
Week 195 Post Op VSG Update
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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
April 14, 2014
Kaiser South Bay, Harbor City, CA

Height: 5’5″
HW: 402 lbs
SW: 360 lbs

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  1. I like the questioning yourself about if what you’re going to eat will make you feel good. It’s definitely a great step back towards Keto. If Keto approved foods make you feel good and others don’t, then theoretically you should only make good Keto choices. Good mindset!

  2. Happy New Year, Elizabeth!
    I'm trying to stay within a healthy weight for my height / body type. I'm barely 5'2".
    And trying to get back down to at least 125. Currently, I'm about 131. Which is too heavy and uncomfortable. I had a Roux-En-Y in December 2012.
    I lost the rest of my stomach to gastroparesis. And now, I live with a feeding tube in my Jejunum. Gaining weight makes my stoma site hurt much more. But, I try not to beat myself up too much.
    I do believe that I would eat more junk if able to do so. So, I do have to be mindful as well, like the rest of of us bariatric patients!
    I love your honesty and candor. Keep up the good fight, you are an inspiration to me and many others.
    Wishing you many blessings in the year ahead! Xo