At the junket for “To The Bone,” Lily Collins and Alex Sharp sit with Access Hollywood and Lily discusses losing weight for her role as a young woman battling anorexia. And, she shares why she believes the movie doesn’t glamorize eating disorders. Plus, Alex shares what he hopes people will take away from watching the film. “To The Bone” will be available July 14 on Netflix.
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Lily Collins Talks Her Dramatic Weight Loss For ‘To The Bone’ | Access Hollywood

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  1. Great book >>>>> <<<<<< and easy to read! You just need to be prepared mentally and financially…lol It's not cheap to be on this diet, especially when your family eats something else! Still, this was well worth it!! I lost the 20 pounds I wanted to lose in less than 2 months and very minimal exercise! I will always keep this book in case I need to lose more! LOVED IT!

  2. This movie was pretty good. I just don't really like the ending. Even though they didn't discuss why she didn't want to eat but sometimes with mental illness, you just can't find a reason. Watching this movie made me really understand what might be going thorugh their mind. And to me, it looked like Ellen wanted to eat but she just couldn't, like she was almost afraid, and if thats what they were trying to show thats great because it made me understand better that just like depression and anxiety (what i have), its difficult to control, but its not impossible

  3. What a giant bag of dicks of a movie.
    How is it possible to hit so wrong in so many ways and end up not only triggering but forgetting to analyse the topic you are actually trying to explain?
    At least now I know is that to beat an eating disorder you only need to be loved by a man, get a couple of one in a million pepptalks with Keanu reeves and not actually thinking about small things like cooping mechanism or learning to work with feelings! A man was the answer all along, we have all been so blind!