Video Recipe How to Make Kewpie Mayonnaise – Yummy Recipe

This video recipe teaches you how to make flavorful Kewpie Mayonnaise from home. It’ very easy to make mayonnaise and this recipe is also quite easy.
The only thing you will need to know to make this recipe is how to make Dashi Stock a type of Japanese fish stock that is a building block of most Japanese cooking, here is the video recipe for Dashi Stock: .
what does Kewpie mayo taste like? It is surprisingly different to western mayo in that it is high in Umami taste, this is what makes it go so well with foods like sushi, that’s not that surprising since sushi is also from Japan.

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  1. Using dashi in place of MSG is an excellent idea. You're getting the umami essence that inspired the creation of MSG in the first place.

  2. Can you please tell me how long this will last in the fridge, I want to make a good amount for Sushi but I am hoping it will last a while so I don't have to make it every time

  3. This is more like an awful salad cream, and definitely not mayonnaise. Sugar is a strict no-no in mayonnaise. Add some more mustard and drop the salt and you'll at leased have actual mayonnaise.

  4. Hi man, thanks a lot for this recipe, i tryied and it was amazing, i was wondering how much time dos it last in the fridge?? thanks for your answer, speaking from Colombia

  5. Hello! I tried the recipe, and it came out as too much thin and the taste of lemon was too strong. I seen that in the recipe there are 2 tablespoons of lemon, however in the video, the lemon seemed quite less than the vinegar. Might there be a typo and the lemon is two teaspoons instead of tablespoons? Thanks a lot!

  6. Hello chef (: I was just wondering, are you a professional sushi chef? Or a regular chef who loves japanese food?

  7. I consider this recipe a fail…sorry to say. If you want the closest thing to a kewpie mayo flavor..mix regular mayo and sriracha. Decide on the amount of sriracha you want based on spice intensity you want and how much chili flavor you like.

  8. hi. here where i live they only sell specific vegetable oil like sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil. Can i use any of the above? Thanks so much.