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8oz of spring water with 1/4 tsp of wholesome salt.

2 or 3 eggs with greens (spinach, chard, etc) in butter
2 or 3 slices of bacon (chicken or turkey)

2 or 3 eggs with greens (spinach, chard, etc) in butter
Sliced tomatoes

Buttery hot drink:
8oz to 12oz of chai/green tea/matcha/decaf/yerba mate/
1 tablespoon of butter
Little salt

Protein shake:
8oz to 12oz of spring water
1 scoop of protein (20g)
1 tsp of cacao powder
1 tsp or tbsp of coconut oil
Stevia (optional)

1 piece of meat in butter + leafy greens in butter or salad

1 piece of fish in butter + leafy greens in butter or salad

1 piece of chicken in butter + leafy greens in butter or salad

Chicken soup or any other warm watery soup with lots of broth

Water, coconut and tea

The soup recipe is as follows:

Bring 1 to 2 quarts of spring water to boil
Add chopped up fresh thyme and cilantro (dried up is ok)
Add 2 to 4 pieces of chicken.
Bring to boil for 30 to 40 minutes
Add salt before serving.

I hope this has helped you see how simple foods can be and how easy they can be prepared. All meals but the soup take 5 to 10 minutes to prepare.

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  1. Excellent video. I love your emphasis on simple. This is the message that we need. This makes the keto diet accessible to everyone.

  2. please think before you go on this diet, process meat, after more salt is overtime going to do some serious damage to the health, sometimes is could be inreversable….
    Just think!!! She is not classified to give all this information,they nutritionist study for years to be clarified to give right information!!!!!!

  3. i think you advise wrongly to put salt in shake or drink salt water, that salt can cause so much damage to your body!!

  4. SInce I greatly reduced the carbs (even from fruits), I don't have much appetite for anything. I made some popcorn which makes me always feel great. When I had it, I did not have that "great feeling". I threw the rest of the popcorn bags. Not interested anymore. This morning, I had 3 bananas, and I started to develop an appetite. So I conclude that carbs open up my appetite.

  5. Hey! I'm going to start the keto diet a friend told me about this diet and I am nervous because I eat out of anxiety. I get bullied Alot and I really want to loose weight my ex boyfriend was a massive jerk and I've been deppresed but I think I'm ready to start this diet I hope I can make it SUBSCRIBED

  6. I like some of these types of videos, but I hate how everyone constantly throws in "organic, grass fed" everytime they say the name. Yes, we got it the first time. You don't need to repeat it every time you want to say "butter" or "meat" or "tea" or any of the other millions of things. 1 time is fine.

  7. My Husband weighs 96 Kilos, He is on s strict Keto diet and have lost 3 kilos in 7 dyas. We believe it is just water loss. How many Kilos can he loose in next 2 weeks?

  8. All well and gud…whether keto or not..but lady with no carbs to retain water and all the increased endotoxins from fat…plz drink more water..4 cups is just not enough…over that u like salt..gotta wash all that sodium…do not do any kind of diet without making sure to flush your self with water and resupply electrolytes on daily basis…

  9. Hey hun nice upload and it's great diet but it's not ketogenic. Not enough fat in your bacon. And 100g of carbs is way too high. You'll never get into ketosis eating like this, but I hope you're doing well. 🙂

  10. I don't trust her… lol European butter. U guys think because it's European it's great. I'm European and we laugh and u guys in America a lot