Chicken Tikka, specifically Keto Chicken Tikka, has been high on the list of requests I get from you guys every day. These kebabs are a staple in Indian restaurants and also the key ingredient in Chicken Tikka Masala. They’re easy to make and it’s also a super keto recipe. I cooked it up two ways, pan-fried and in the oven. Which one was better? Watch and find out. Also find out what not to do as I generally wreak some havoc in this episode. Hope you enjoy it!

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Get the recipe with macros at

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  1. I recently started a Keto diet and for the first two weeks, I actually bought prepped food online. I did this because not because I'm lazy, but because I could get exact portions and know exactly the macro-nutrients. Unfortunately, there's not very many food prep sites that cater to exact Keto needs and the food quite frankly is boring. So I go to the place you go if you want to learn anything about everything ( Youtube ) and I find this incredible awesome guy cooking Keto meals that were NOT boring, but BETTER than everyday food I was eating on a regular basis.

    My friend, you earned yourself a subscriber and a like on EVERY video I've watched! You not only showed me a way to feel great about my Keto diet, but you ignited a passion where I actually want to cook every night again.

    Thank you and HORNS UP!!

  2. Good job buddy … I just started watching you and you've earned a subscriber. I am also doing the keto diet and feel this is really a life style change. It's working for me, and your contributions is much appreciated. Keep up the good works.

  3. I never comment on youtube recipes, but have you give you a Kudos on this recipe and the Keto naan! I do my lil tweaks but turns out perfect every time 🙂

  4. Made this for dinner tonight and it was a hit ! So far all your recipes have been fabulous ! Thanks Sahil .
    Ps – will share my authentic Goan vindaloo recipe with you soon , it's a little different to yours 🙂

  5. I am planning to start my keto diet but got really confused regarding macros as different website shows different numbers..pls suggest me

  6. I had a really good laugh about this as a joke when I was single and I was looking for work knowing that married men tend to get higher offers I used to wear a Lord of the Rings ring on my wedding finger to simulate me being married!

  7. I commented earlier, but I wanted to follow up. I genuinely love this channel. I consider Indian cuisine my "specialty" as its what I cook most frequently. This recipe gets me excited to cook tomorrow. I'll be giving it a try, but I think I can say ahead of time it's going to be delicious.

  8. Are All the stuff in this recipe will not affect me KETO diet
    Plz reply
    Can i add this recipe/Dish to my KETO diet plan??????