Thanks for watching my weight loss results video. Yes, I really lost over 200lbs in one year; naturally! No weight loss pills, no fad diets, no weight surgery, just eating right and working out. I stayed accountable to someone (Kina Wald at https://www.facebook.com/jeffandkinawald), I didn’t make excuses.

The secret to having an extreme weight loss transformation (or even a non extreme weight loss transformation)… you have to want the results MORE than you want your excuse.

What does that mean?

That means you have to want to be lean, to lose weight, to feel good about yourself, to be happy when you look in the mirror, to want to live longer, to be around for your kids, to be around for your family, your spouse… MORE than you want the bad thing (sweets, junk food, fast food, being lazy)

I can help you BUT I can’t do it for you. if you truly want help; whether its to lose 20 lbs or over 200, I know HOW to, you have to be willing to do what I say. Because it WILL work! 🙂

So enjoy my extreme weight loss transformation video, thanx to Jeff Wald for putting it together for me (www.youtube.com/ffej68w) and be sure to go to my website, www.kaitlynsmithfitness.com, for more health and fitness tips & tricks!

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  1. Tears came down my face when I watched this … I just kept shouting 'GOOD GIRL … GOOD GIRL'! … God bless you Kaitlyn, you look so gorgeous. You were pretty when you had the extra weight but you look absolutely stunning now!! London UK

  2. This is absolutely the best diet I've tried and I've been on all of them.Limited Here>>>>>goo.gl/JS18Fi <<<<<< It's easy to follow and I don't have the cravings that I've had on other diets. Had a headache for the 1st few days but it went away. With eating the protein 3x day I don't get hungry till next meal. Lost 9# in 17days and on cycle 2 now and going great. Two family members went on same time I did and lost 23# (male) and 12# (female). I'd recommend this to anybody and everything in the book is easy to understand. Looking forward to wearing a swimsuit this summer!

  3. Omg was so amazing watching this an hals given me feel like I can do it if I really want it .which I do I am bigger now than I was when pregnant with my 2 children I look at myself an think how did I get here .I wanna b happy an healthy for my kids but also for me .so I can move on an maybe one day find love but need to love myself first which I don't .

  4. I enter the video thinking "yes! people with power, people who love themselves so much they will change their lives!" and the first thing I read is the mention of their imaginary friend……it has a plan……hell no…..it was only them and their strenght, nothing more

  5. This diet has given me incredible results. I might suggest this diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to everybody to try it. The results often come so fast. I also know another person who lost 12 pounds.

  6. Sweetheart, you are BEAUTIFUL, YOU ALWAYS WERE, but I'm glad you did it for your health! You are an inspiration to over weight ppl everywhere. You look so good… so happy for you!!❤️