Try this Japanese Cheesecake / cotton cheesecake recipe for a pillowy soft, light & heavenly cheesecake you will ever make.
Get the full recipe at, more tips are written there to make a perfect Japanese cheesecake.
Recipe slightly modified from I Eat I Shoot I Post
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  1. i tried, it tastes good but it is not baked well…. izzit bcoz of my oven or my technique? i used to bake 3 years ago in moscow and it was fine.. til ytd i used another oven and i used the wrong setting… so turns out the top is burned and the bottom of the cake is dense with butter..

    so i wanna ask for your help.. the first 18 mins baked at 200°C then another 30 mins at 140°C right? and for oven setting should i just use bottom heat or "both: the top and the bottom"?
    bcoz ytd, for the entire course: 18 mins at 200°C + 30mins at 140°C , i used bottom heat only then i only i realised the top is not brown in color, so i baked another 10 mins using top heat only.

    Result: the top of the cake is burned and the bottom of the cake is dense with butter (means my cheesecake has 2 color: the upper part is lighter and the bottom is very yellowish as all the butter is sunken at the bottom)….

  2. -Does the lemon enhance the cheesecake flavor or does it actually give it a hint of lemon taste?
    – Can I still get soft white peaks from the egg whites without cream of tartar?

  3. Hi! Please guide me, I am beginner. Can I use rectangle pan, or ceramic ware if I don't hv round pan? Lastly, what causes the cake wet, is it my water bath water too much? Please advise, Thanks!

  4. I bought one, we have a Chinese grocery store. Too much effort to make but the taste is good. Has a hint of lemon but the texture is like a cross between Cheesecake and bread