Enjoy the taste of Soft Idli – the favorite breakfast of South India… Try this out…

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  1. mam namak phele add karna hota hai kya baater mai?
    aur phir esse fermentation k liye raakhe??.

    yaa fermentation k baad namak aad karna hota hai,,
    ess se fark kya padta hai??

  2. In short time explained very well..in fact its saving of time and opportunity to know our centuries old recipies which would have been forgotten by the young generation who whole day and night run after fast food and hotel food. All people like you who are contributing your experience for new comers and/or who wants to try new recipes are very very lucky who get to know everything easily because of you. Its becoe lengthy but its very important. May God Bless All of You. Thanks.

  3. At 5:00 a.m Soak 3 C rice & 1 C beans, 2 tsp fenugreek seeds for 3 hours – grind. At 8:00 a.m. Ferment for 8 hours. Batter is ready at 4:00 p.m. Cook for 20-25 minutes in an idli cooker.

  4. thanks. ..for d advise…I try to get idli rice…N do let u know…bt my measurements of taking rice n urad dal is correct no …which i hd tryed earlier?

  5. hi…I hd soak d rice in d morning. ..N grind it next morning. ..can u plz tel me…which rice did u used…d brand name….

  6. I used 11/2cup sona monsoori rice…1/2cup of urad dal 1tsp fengreek seed…N soak it over ny…N grinder it next morning. ..after grinding I kept it…for fermentation..N did it next morning. ..bt I my idli was creamish in color…N little raw n hard frm inside. ..I took me 20min for my idli…can plz
    advice me on dis…y my idli was creamish N n't soft…N raw?

  7. Do explain about grinding…fine? coarse?thick?..how much water to add while grinding….these are stages where people go wrong……

  8. A friend of mine gave me one of these yesterday and I'm completely hooked! They are wonderful! do you have any other recipes for this? I'd love to make this with lentils and or chickpeas.

  9. hai i have only mixer grinder.. tell me it is possible to make soft idlies by using mixie..plz tell me how much time i will grind by using that..

  10. Why their idlies are soft like mattress and mine are hard like rocks even though I follow the same preparing instructions?

  11. hi aunty…. i also make idli with the kind of consistency of the batter you have shown …but my idli comes out very hard.