In this video I will teach you how to save money and eat healthy by preparing meals at home. For under two dollars a day and an hour a week you can make a quick healthy meals that will fill you up, help combat cravings, and help you lose weight. These are tips that I have developed through being very busy and not having time, energy, or money to make meals. I hope this helps!
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  1. You are awesome!!! Thank you so much for the helpful tips! Ignore the losers commenting on location of clip, wherever you are it came out great and at least you spend your time contributing to others in a positive way! Nice job and thank you :-)!

  2. there is a dish I make called the poor man's Curry that uses vegetables that have begun going bad. It's delicious the fermentation makes the flavor that you don't taste normally

  3. if u think about it none of this is less than $2 basically she jus pre packaging her own food nd how to save $$ by not eating fast food..

  4. i was all in for the first 5 min… then i realized she has food in the bathroom… kind of disgusted now. good method for affordable lunch tho.