In this video you will learn a delicious recipe easy simple desserts on how to bake cassava cake filipino style.

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  1. Thank you Tipin for the recipe. This is my favourite dessert and I'm from Iloilo, our cassava cake is too sweet. Your recipe is perfect and easy.

  2. tnx for the wonderful video on how to make a cassave cake….medyo noise bleed lang ky mother sa pg English nya sna nagtagalog nlng cya pr d n cya nhirapan mag english hahaha… but I like it good job..

  3. thanks for ur recipe .. could not make it any simpler than this .. now i enjoy making cassava cake .. simple and tasty (Y)

  4. Ms. Menoza, I meant to ask — could I add real coconut to enhance the texture? Thanks a lot, Your recipe is simple but very delicious

  5. I tried your recipe and it came out real yummy – IThe condensed milk topping was divine! I made it to impress my Filipino friends and they couldn't believe that I actually made it. Thanks a lot. Maybe when I go back to my home country in Finland, I also will make it for my Finnish friends. Salamat poh