This is just our families interpretation of a Sicilian Sausage, there are as many recipes for this as their are families in Sicily, and for that matter all of Italy at this point. But this is the recipe that my wife’s family brought to Canada and made in their family butcher shop. We hope that you enjoy it.

5 feet medium hog casing
4 1/2 lbs lean pork butt
1/2 lbs pork fat
2 tbsp coarse salt
1 tbsp whole fennel seed (sometimes we grind it, sometimes we don’t…)
1 tbsp fresh ground black pepper
Crushed red pepper to taste – 2 teaspoons is a good starting point for your first time making this

-Prepare the sausage casing.
-Cut the meat and fat into cubes, and keep well chilled before grinding (freezer for 30 minutes is great)
-Grind meat and fat through coarse grinding disk.
-Add all ingredients into large bowl with ground meat and mix thoroughly.
-Uncle Carmen will grind a second time with coarse disk, but this step isn’t strictly necessary.
-Stuff into prepped casing, prick all the air pockets and twist into links or leave in coils.
-Cover and refrigerate overnight before cooking to allow flavours to build.
-Grill or fry until internal temp of 160ºF is reached
-Can be refrigerated for 2-3 days or frozen for up to 3 months.

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  1. Wow! This video is from 2009, so long ago! Thanks for watching ^^^^Full recipe in the info section below the video^^^^ Please check out our channel and subscribe for 2 new videos a week.

  2. @feilung theyre intestines. seriously . cleaned out and salted. look for tripas para chorizo. same thing 🙂