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VIDEO UPDATE: On June 30, 2016, Adam and I uploaded an updated Hummus Recipe Video! The recipe is the same, but we have improved some of the footage and answered frequently asked questions. Check it out now! Watch it here:

Learn how to make our extra smooth hummus recipe. Watch the video to find out the secret to better than store-bought hummus.

Be sure to check out how to make homemade tahini (an ingredient in our hummus recipe). Watch our tahini recipe video now:

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  1. This is the best hummus recipe that I have ever used. I like to add extra garlic and cumin, but it turned out really creamy and very good.

  2. Your technique gave me other ideas that helped me make the creamiest I ever made. I made my own beans in my Instant Pot (not canned), it took about an hour from dry beans. I started like you suggested, but added the chopped garlic at the same time, some of the hot bean water from cooking, and blended all that up really well. Then I scooped the hot beans & some of the fluid from cooking them, a gravy ladle full at a time and let it remain on blend the whole time. I kept adding a ladle at a time until it was taking up all the fluids from the oil, tahini & lemon juice, as well as the fluid I added while blending the beans, to my desired consistency. Best I ever made. Thanks!

  3. i just boil water with a water cooker, rince the peas and let them rest in that water with garlic, while i put the other ingredients in the blender. then i rince the chickpeas and garlic again, but keep the hot water, which i add again just up to the point the peas are covered. then i blend for 20 secs, its smooth enough after 10 secs though, because the hot water helps a lot. btw it also tastes better imo.

  4. Nooo! don't toss out the chickpea water! It has so much flavor and nutrition. Its called aquafaba and it is so versatile. you can even use it as an egg substitute.

  5. in South Africa we call what your video show as store bought. comes out of cans and bottles! we make it from scratch as you say in America!

  6. I used to love my food processor until i received a Ninja magic bullet blender for Christmas a few yrs ago.. now food processor is under a cupboard covered in dust and forgotten.

  7. This is my first time making this! Thank you!! I like the flavor and texture, I needed to add a bit more water to mine to give it a creamy consistency