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  1. I made these today and they are absolutely delicious! I added white chocolate chunks and milk chocolate chunks to make them taste even more creamy 🙉

  2. Thanks for this video I will try that but they seem delicious…for thoses who dont know what went wrong when they were baking…sometime any littel thing can screw the whole cake up

  3. Thank you very much Laura , just baked it and it’s absolutely delicious . Next time i will eat with ice cream .

  4. The recipe called for way too much chocolate. The brownies were crumbly. I will never make them again. I don't know how hers could have turned out to look so good considering I used the measurements which she provided. 7 oz of chocolate for an 8by 8 pan. That's wayyyy to much and it overpowered the brownies. never again…

  5. hey laura and family 🙂 happy holidays!! did you make a batch of divinity this year?? if so id love to see you whip it up! 🙂