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How to make egg muffins. Great for breakfast, lunch, picnics or when you fancy something tasty!
Simple and quick to prepare. Very easy to follow video recipe showing you simple step by step instructions throughout. All the ingredients are shown at the beginning but you can alter the recipe to suit your taste or to use up those leftovers.
I hope you enjoy!
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  1. Even though I gave it a thumbs up 'cos it looks great, these are just individual omelettes cooked in a muffin tin. There's no flour, so it can't be a muffin.

  2. Looks good for my finger foods party soon,thank you for sharing your love with everyone like a musician sharing his songs to his audience.

  3. Just watched this don't mind his going on but it sounded awful the way people eat then air it for the public I was raised to chew with my mouth closed and never talk till it was empty.

  4. Great video. Your accent takes me straight back to my childhood and East Street Market South East London … nothing like a Cockney accent …. love it!

  5. I'll bet he has a recipe just like this but with a hash brown crust. You can do that better in oversize muffin tins, but I've made it for years w/a hash brown crust in glass pie plate. slices freeze great if you an stand to not eat them, I usually make 2 w/diff goodies inside each.
    I just grate 2 whole potatoes per pie & squeeze all the water out, or thaw frozen hb's & use them, either way is fine. Add 1 stick melted butter to 2 potato or to a 1/2 bag thawed hb's PER PIE (whole stick for 2 entire pies), mix well, put into plate (or muffins), salt to taste on top & cook them on 375 in pie plate(s) – (muffins will cook much faster) till golden brown, sometimes even the night before.
    Cool & refrigerate them cooked till next morning, or fill and the crust stays the same when baked w/fillings in them even tho crust is cooked already. Either way, I then fill them w/the goodies like he did, topped w/cheese.

  6. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing the recipe! They make a lovely alternative to an omelette…like mini frittatas without the potatoes. I'm a vegetarian, so instead of the crispy bacon or ham, I use either cooked, thinly sliced, Quorn sausages (the Cumberland & Lincolnshire ones are particularly tasty!), shredded, smoked, sandwich ham style Quorn slices, or shredded roast chicken style Quorn slices, and it tastes delicious! 😃