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When the midnight munchies arrive or unexpected guests arrive, you’ll be glad to have this quick, easy and totally delicious recipe at hand. Simply break apart a tube of refrigerator biscuit dough and roll pieces into balls, toss with sautéed onion and bacon, then fold in Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheeses, pour into a bundt pan and bake until temptingly browned, then pull apart and enjoy!

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  1. Looks dry.. Doesn't look moist at all.. I love bacon, gorgonzola, and biscuits, but I'll pass on this one.. OR think of a better way to combine the 3…

  2. this looks really good, but i make a pretty good home made bread that could be used to replace the store bought biscuit dough. and i`d reduce the amount of cheese. i love cheese, but this looks a little overboard on the amount of cheese added!! i will definitely be giving this one a try!! since i am already making home made pizza for New Year`s Eve, making this dish with some of the dough would be perfect!! thank you so much for sharing Allrecipes, with love from Wes!!! hugs!!!