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Lose weight fast easy, a step by step tips on how to lose belly fat in 5 days by doing these 4 things. Often people tend to ask how can somebody lose belly fat in one week, or in 10 days etc.? Well, it’s not that difficult when you understand how people lose weight, and where the extra pounds drop off from. When you burn fat to lose weight, you lose excess fat all-over the body. However, most people will lose more excess fat from the stomach, and the reason is simple. Most people carry excess fat around their belly, so if you lose 10 pounds, for example, in 10 days, chances are that you lost between 3 to 5 pounds of belly fat – Waysandhow.


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  1. to whoever is reading this.

    guys don't worry about your body unless you are clinically obese or something. going on videos like this will make you feel worse. this is not acceptable either. these videos are for people who have been pressured by society into thinking that you MUST be thin. you MUST be pretty. you MUST put on makeup but you MUST make sure it doesn't look like you are. you ALWAYS have to look perfect but that's stupid.. society wants clones. not individuals. so why not just say a massive FUCK YOU to society standards and be yourself? maybe if we don't follow the rules then others will stop too. we need to set the example showing how we can be comfortable in our skin! you can be skinny and like makeup but you CAN be chubby and natural or heck you can be somewhere in between!

    I know this sounds dumb but please try posting this on other stuff to do with the 'perfect body image' or to anyone who is worried about there body. let's be comfortable with who we are.


  2. If you lose pounds too quickly you have a lot of excess skin which then you have to get surgery to remove it. Which costs tons of dollars. I'm not an expert nor weight trainer, etc, but I do no it's also not healthy losing too much weight in less time. You should go slow. You don't get instant results.

  3. I really want to be drinking lots of water but at school a lot of my teachers won't let us go to the bathroom during class and I'll have to hold in which will lead to ANOTHER UTI.. I don't know what to do.. 😭

  4. You need to have Sodium chloride with your water to keep the fluid in your system.  Thermotabs works great. They are pills you take.. I take 4  3 x a day.. and when it is hot out I take up to another 4 when it is over 100 degrees here.

  5. Well, Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water is a mythe. (seen by Adam ruins Everything)
    I've seen a good weight thingy that actually says 6000 steps a day.

    Technically, Everything you say can be easily benefited. By some people.
    Because every body is different and it could be useless with what you're doing.

    The real first thing to lose belly fat and just fat in general. Just stop stressing about it. Just do what you love the most (Of course not drinking sugar or eating too much) But game or just do nothing at all. Of course you need to do something of exercise. go to your store, walking (or with the bicycle) and pick something you wanna eat today. And go back home. Fix done. Just drink when you feel thirsty. Don't eat when you're really hungry and just eat 5 to 6 times a day. Really small, A breakfast, a fruit, Lunch, fruit, dinner/fruit or just even just another fruit because we don't need to actually eat at the evening.

  6. It's not possible and healthy to lose belly fat in 5 days…okey I had my own journey and I'm gonna tell u the truth it's gone take a long time and hard workout to lose weight healthy all u have to do is to drink much water and do some workout

  7. Actually one of the best things to lose weight is to dance that's for a while those are my mom dance because she's in a country club in Gastonia for free hip-hop dance classes I mean like you can lose a lot of weight just from dancing

  8. I'm going to a trampoline place called hanger five and after five minutes I get exhausted from all the jumping and running so tonight I'm going to try and keep bouncing non stop but maybe a few brakes otherwise I could end up hurting myself.