How to Lose 11 pounds In A Week With the Apple diet

The apple is a healthy fruit rich in water, as well as vitamins, minerals, essential aminoacids, dietary fibre and sugars.

Furthermore, it is a excellent fruit to get clean organism, especially the system digestive, and get rid of fats waste and toxins.

Therefore, the apple diet is presented as the best alternative to lose weight 11 pounds in a week of healthy way, nutritious and tasty way.

Another of the virtues that has the apple is its low-calorie content, so it helps to lose weight fastly.

Throughout this diet to lose weight it is important to perform to abundant intake of water, between 2-3 liters per day.

There are people carrying out the apple diet, only eat apple during the 7 days, but is something totally inadvisable, since it can cause a severe decompensation.

Apple Diet, Your Diet To Lose Weight 11 pounds in a Week

Losing those excess pounds of body is much easier than you can imagine, moreover not only get to lose pounds, but will eliminate toxins and you begin to feel much better with your body.

This diet detoxifies and purifies, so it can be considered a great cure for your health.

First day: You must perform only three meals based on apples. You can take all those apples that you crave without limit. The first day you can only eat apples if you want to lose weight 11 pounds in a week.

Rest of days: The 6 days of diet will have something more freedom to eat more foods that unique and exclusively apples.

– Breakfast: A slice of bread integral with a slice of ham’s turkey and an apple. Or, an egg cooked, an apple and a slice of
wholemeal bread.

– Meals: A green salad with steamed vegetables (no potatoes), tuna natural and spiced with lemon. Either a green salad with carrot and celery.

– Dinner: A glass of skim milk with grains of rice. Or all the apples that you want.

It is a diet that only includes three daily meals, so that if have an uncontrollable hungry, is advises the consumption of apples, without limit, to provide feeling for satiety. It is recommended not to prolong this diet for more than 7 consecutive days. During the 7-day of the diet it is not recommended the intake of meal, sweets and fats. This is not recommended for all those anxious people or they are going through a period of stress without first consulting a doctor.

It is possible that during this diet appears on the face some acne due to the detoxification of the body.





  1. I've been doing this diet since 5 days now I lost 5.6 kg ( I cheated though I ate more slices of cheese and chicken ham) but I workout 1 hour cardio × 3 a week. I'll keep continue 6 more days. I'll update you guys if you are interested 😂

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  3. no exercise needed, you will end up loosing weight because of the fiber in apple. 4-6 apples/daily recommended more apples might cause diarrhea. Apple diet is for ever just like any other diet, soon as you stop encouraging your digestive system the fat and sugar inside your body will stay longer.