How to Grow Hair Fast Naturally

In this video, I have shown a very easy and effective homemade hair cream that will reduce hair loss and will make your hair grow longer and faster naturally in 2 weeks.
It will also improve your hair health and will bring more softness and luster into your hair.

This remedy works for both Men & Women.

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  1. This really is amazing. I apply before I go to bed and sometimes do not even wash it out and keep going. My hair is longer and thinker and truly healthy. Thank you so very much Sneha. You are an Angel!

  2. Hey sneak so when I apply this in my hair for 1 hour then I put the condition in my hair how long do leave the conditioner in my hair for do I leave in for a few minutes and wash it and that's it right ?

  3. Hi Sneha,

    I have thyroid and taking medicine. Drastic hair fall, made my hair shorten and thinner by 80%. Will this method helps me to regain my hair growth and reduce dandruff ?

  4. argan life is a great oil for thickening hair. I am transitioning from relaxed to natural and use this oil to help thicken some of the thinning areas in my hair. After about a few months of use I have seen tremendous results. Great product and delivery was fast also.

  5. hi Sneha mam i am using dis hair cream from two weeks n its really helpful for me..i have seen results in just two weeks hair is now much smoother n hope to see my hair grow more in coming weeks….thank u so much for sharing dis….

  6. What was the name of the gel that you used in the video? It was hard to catch the name of the gel because you said it so fast and i would like to have seen the name on the gel container that you showed in the video (: please reply back so i can get the name of the gel (: Thanks – AllyKat

  7. How many times do we need to apply this in a week ? Also do we not need to shampoo ? You mentioned to wash off and aply conditioner , did you mean shampoo as well as conditioner?