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  1. My daily calorie intake is 1400 cal I have a sedentary kinda life tho but I hit the gym everyday 7 days a week I've been losing fat and gaining muscle but lately it's kinda gotten to a point where it's just not showing up, I'm stuck there and it's disheartening man :/

  2. I've been on a weight loss journey for about a month, and a half. The first two weeks I lost ten pounds… It's been a month since the first two weeks, and I've only lost one pound. I'm wondering what the heck is going on. I'm eating 1,500-1,700 calories a day, and my maintenance calories are 2150. So, even if I'm eating a full 1,700 calories a day, I should be losing at least half a pound to 3/4 a pound a week. Also, I literally track everything. I weigh everything, or use measuring cups if my scale isn't available. I keep nuts in my purse for a snack when I'm out, and I can't really carry around a scale, so I carry with me 1/8 cup measuring cup, and I use that when I'm out. If I'm at home, I weigh everything. Even if it's two sticks of celery, I weigh it, and enter it into myfitnesspal, and I don't just assume it's "free". I mean 40g of celery is 5 calories, so I don't assume I can just eat it without tracking it. If I go a little over on my measurement, like say I weigh 14g of cheese, and I accidentally sprinkle on 16g, I track it. If I pour 5g extra of cereal in my bowl on accident, I track it in myfitnesspal. I'm very meticulous about this, because in the past I was one of those people that thought 5g extra of cereal wasn't a big deal, or that celery was free, or a couple french fries isn't hardly anything, and I didn't calculate it. Now, I understand how literally everything matters, and I actually stay away from things like french fries if I only want a couple, because it's a pain trying to figure out how many calories are in 2-5 french fries, so it actually detours me from eating it, just because it's too much effort trying to calculate. So, I only eat foods that I'm actually planning to eat the entire serving size, and thus a lot easier to calculate. Anyway, I just don't understand why my body is acting like this. I've never had this issue in the past before. I've never lost initial weight for two weeks, and then stopped losing weight, or my weight loss went to a crawl. I've rarely ever had plateau's in past weight loss experiences. I mean, the last time I went on a weight loss journey, I was consistently losing 1-2 lbs a week for months on end, and on occasion maybe I wouldn't lose weight for a couple weeks, but then it'd pick up again. I've never hit a plateau so soon after starting a weight loss journey. Over the past 3-4 years I've been eating whatever I want, and not caring about my health, but I wasn't eating huge amounts of food. I was just eating my maintenance calories, and not losing, or gaining. Now I want to change my life, and get healthier, but I'm getting frustrated (I'm not giving up though) that I haven't lost more than one pound in a month. Ugh. 😥

  3. I started a Platau maybe 2-3 weeks ago. I had went from 145-130. Checked my macros again on iifym and it went down maybe 100 calories a day. My calories now is maybe about 1200 (slightly over). everyone says that's too low and not sustainable but I'm 5'0 so I'm very short so I don't burn as much. Just started a few days ago to start losing weight again. Even dropping it took a few weeks to start again but I'm hoping I'm passed it and can keep this up. My main reason for weight loss right now is to be on this aba dance team. Every year I'm too big. And before this I was 120. But now I'm eating well and weight lifting too. I started my 1300-1400 calories back in April so I'm keeping some stuff up.

  4. Ohhhhh, you've made one-YAY! I hit my plateau and I gain weight constantly always at 120 but I'm happy from 115-110.
    I dropped my calories and eventually binged, so never again! 🙁
    That's it! I'm going to track it maybe I'm eating more than I thought.

  5. Hey John. Many Thanks for this great video.

    I need your advise on my fat loss plateau problem. Here is the question.

    I am 29 yr old guy 5'11. 235 pounds (Current body fat %-39- BMR 1785). I weighed 295 pounds in Nov 2014. Thanks to good diet and little exercise (i wan't very consistent on workout ), i reduced a lot of excess weight.
    Since Nov 2016, I am regular to the gym, 5 times a week. doing cardio for 30 mins , weight training different muscle groups on all the days, 45 mins every day. I am a strict vegetarian and I eat 1900 calories a day (Complex carb-Moderate Fat-Moderate Protein) My strength has increased, I am able to run faster and Lift heavy. But i am stuck @235. Not seeing any weight/fat loss at all.
    I am worried something is wrong here. Is my metabolism messed up ? Something wrong with my hormones ? Should my macro nutrient balance be perfect? or something else i need to do ? Appreciate if you could give the right advise. Many Many thanks !

    P.S: One thing which is positive though is that I am starting to feel a little comfortable wearing my clothes, which are tight.

  6. I feel like I'm commenting on all of your older videos, so I'm sorry haha it's funny though, I started my journey recently and I started eating really healthy and exercising 6 days a week, but instead of losing any weight, I put on about 2 kilos (or 4.4lbs) which frustrated me because I'd heard so many people suggest that the first bit of weight loss was the easiest… Thankfully it's coming down now which is nice, but it's a slow process…. It's definitely a journey. Loving your videos, they're helping to inspire me to continue, so thank you sooooo much!! 😀

  7. Question…. I used to be at 265. I was eating about 2600 calories a day. I dropped it to 2200 and dropped to 225ish I then dropped to 1700-1800 and went to 205 and then dropped to 1200 and hit 178-182 and that's what I've been at for about 2 months now. I tried adding more cardio, I tried adding more weights. I've tried decreasing calories, increasing calories, adjusting carbs and nothing. Like seriously… idk what to do.. any tips or pointers??

  8. I have started losing weight from 320 pounds in mid July, and lost 46 pounds, 274 pounds now, however now I'm not losing anything. My daily caloric intake is 1,200 and I track this and my weight heavily every day. I go to the gym for a hour twice a week, and I have Marching band practices two days per week and and also all day Saturday. I have the maximum number of classes in school, so I have little to no time to fit any more exercise. What should I do to lose more weight and get over my plateau? I also drink lots of water per day, no other drinks.

  9. hi bro.. i am from india.. i watch all your vedios and they are great inpiration.. i weighed 240 pounds on march 2016 i started weightloss and i lost 50 pounds.. i i am struck on a plateau.. since 3 weeks.. ples help me out of it or i will losse all hope.. ples.. i have to loose more 50 pounds before feb 2017 fory interview.. ples guide me.. please

  10. Great Video! I see a lot of people do the 'right things' when they hit a plateau. They change up their diets, drop calories, switch up workouts and routine and still don't see a change. But the second I get them out of the 'Plateau' mindset – they all of a sudden start seeing results again. Believe it and achieve it, the minds a powerful weapon!

    Great Video, get content, keep it up!

  11. Hey! Thank you for your video! I have a plateau for one month now. I do
    not know what to do. I do everything right: write my excercise, diet,
    drink water… I have lost 11 pounds and now I am stuck in a plateau
    since the end of February. I have to admit that I sleep really late
    (because of the exams)… Do you think this is the cause?… But one
    month! Come on! 🙁

  12. B.L.T.s used to kill my weight loss at the firestation.  That's "Bites, licks, and tastes".  I stopped that and only ate what I logged or what I brought in my cooler and the weight started to melt off again.

  13. I needed this so much!!! Im at 50 pounds down like a third of what i have to lose and im stuck. Its kindda depressing and easy to lose motivation when you hit a plateau! Thanks this helped me stay motivated

  14. This was so relatable and so helpful too! Thank you so much, I'm starting to get on track again because of your videos. 🙂 Question! I sadly didn't get pass my plateau a couple months back (I got depressed) and I now believe I'm starting to get bad weight rebounds. Any helpful tips? +ObesetoBeast

  15. Hey man, just wanted to say that I really enjoy your videos. I was 322 pounds last December but I'm sitting at around 259 right now. Still have a ways to go, but I already feel much better. Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Im 16 years old and i weigh 258 lbs 🙁 I really am stuggling and i like the way you explain stuff… Could you help me out telling me things i need to take care of initially as i start working out? 🙁 i really need help. How do i just lose weight? 🙁

  17. Just gotta say ive just found ur vids so i havent seen them all but theyre really inspiring, love the pos attitude! Im just starting out working out, im 36 and been veeeeeery lazy but decided to get healthy. Ur beginner vids r gona be a real help…thanks!!!