This vlog shows how my mom reacted to my weight loss! Thumbs up for how amazing Paula is honestly

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Hey kids! I’m Kristee, a 22 year old grad student living in DC. On my channel you’ll find fun lifestyle, college, and fitness videos, plus anything else I want to document in this video diary of my life along the way!

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How tall am I?
5′ 3″

When did I start losing weight?
June 9, 2017 after I graduated college.

What am I doing in DC?
Getting my Master’s in Foreign Policy from American University!

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  1. HEY KRISTEE, major ghost watcher here. But that's going to end. I've been watching you for years; one of my favourite videos has been your New York haul with Lindsey, like 5 years ago. It's been great seeing you on YouTube again consistently, and I'm super excited for this year's content. We are so similar in our personality type. I'm outgoing, but so private. I like to show instead of talk. I freak out when you share more of yourself, and realize I'm that way too. Your videos make my day. Keep it up Kristee. Love you. Just liked, subscribed, and turned on notifications:)

  2. I wanna cry your Mother is the sweetest personn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! . Your family is so adorable, and i looooove that your father take photos of all your family memories !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you

  3. I have watched you for years, maybe since you started college I think. But I really enjoy these videos now! Love watching your vlogs while getting ready or working out! You inspired me to really make a routine of things and I am pushing myself a lot more at the gym! Thank you so much 😭😭😭

  4. I'm also crap at lunges! I had a free session with a personal trainer and he tried to work with me for over 10 minutes correcting my lunge form until he finally said "we're not going to do lunges today" hahahaha

  5. Kristee, since you seemed like you wanted feedback so I’m saying it otherwise I wouldn’t mention it while taking the risk of sounding rude. Coz I’d never wanna be rude to you ever since I absolutely love watching your videos. But I’ve been subscribed to you since the OG days when you were friends with Lindsey but I guess I never watched you as often. But lately after you moved to DC and started doing the “real girl” fitness vlogs, I’m obsessed. I’m sorry I just love the person that you are-so committed so relatable and so funny! I was literally obsessed with your vlogmas and I’m following your vlogs religiously. So my only feedback is that keep doing what you’re doing coz it’s great 🙂 You actually really don’t need to conform or change a thing!

  6. Dont change anything about your videos (unless you want to of course). I think the way you're doing them right now is really relatable and makes fitness and health seem actually reachable. I've watched plenty of fitness videos and "how to change your diet" videos but I've never thought "wow I'm actually going to do that" or "yeah that seems reasonable". Until last december I randomly remembered who you were and found your channel again. I was really inspired and I've been on my fitness journey for a little over a week now. It's something I feel I can actually do. Because you seem like an actual person not some crazy six pack vegan I lift 400 pounds kind of person. If that makes sense. My point is, youre inspiring and I appreciate you

  7. I agree with Paula! When I first subscribed to you in like 2011, all the girls your age on YouTube were so cookie cutter/“perfect” and watching your videos have always been refreshing because you’re so normal and real. Your personality transcends superficial things like weight gain or outfits. Never change strawberryeletric 😭

  8. I did Semester at Sea the semester after you and vlogged the whole experience on my channel too! I watched you years before then, and when I found out we were both doing Semester at Sea I literally screamed lol. I still think about it every single day gahhh!! #SASforever

  9. I tried to snapchat you yesterday to tell you this, but I don't think it went through- but I just wanted you to know, from a subscriber and not your mom (who is lovely), that you really do inspire me so much. You're the only youtuber that I've ever watched that makes me want to get up and go to the gym and I think that says something. Also, you've taught me so much about being on a fitness journey. Before I started watching you I would not eat enough I would try all of these weight loss pills and shakes and I would always end up back where I started, because doing all this isn't a "lifestyle." I've been watching you since November 2017 and changing bits and pieces of my lifestyle to live a more healthy one, and I'm proud to say since then I've lost 10 pounds (which was my goal to lose in the first place, but now I know I don't have to stop here I can continue on this healthy lifestyle) and also started working on growing muscle. So, thank you!

  10. I had doing lunges too lol i always wobble around. I wear nike fIt TRs for leg day and they’ve been fine. I have heard converse are good for leg day but mine are so gringy and my nikes are black so they look nicer lol

  11. as far as the shoes are concerned, people wear converse not only for the flat bottom, but they also provide a tiny bit of ankle support as compared to those nikes. hope that helped!

  12. Your mum is 100% right, regardless of however you looked before or now (which by the way is also true, you are an inspiration; you showed your steps to achieve and how it is possible to do it) but your personality is what makes you wonderful and you! Which is who we all come here for!!!

  13. Please be careful doing deadlifts and other lifts like that. They can be really bad for the back, even with proper technique. Look for alternatives that do the same thing. Nothing is worse than a messed up back

  14. Paula is such a gem 😭 my mom was totally the type to comment about my weight and it had stuck with me through all these years. Watching your videos inspires me in the right ways to live a healthy lifestyle!

  15. You're right I had the mom and grandma that made those comments to me and it only made not want to loose weight, in like a weird sign of rebelion. Also Paula is right! You inspire a lot of us, and you are such a nice person. Like when you we're making videos about make up I still likes your content even though I am not that into make up really. And I love that one video you might talk about fitness and in an another it's about school work or your friends and you hanging out , that's balanced and it's really great content, instead of being one thing you're about a lot of things anyways you have the sweetest mom ever love the video 💜💜

  16. Howdy, I work at Nike and can confirm that those shoes are perfect for leg day. Converse are good too, but theyre definitely not "better" than the nike TR's. Theyre literally designed to give you extra stability when lifting weights

  17. You're right Kristee its all about technique as my personal trainer keeps on telling me haha. I hat lunges and I couldn't get the technique right. I watched a few videos of yours before semester at sea but that period what when I watched constantly and loved your personality. Your mums so sweet my parents made side comments when I gained, you're lucky you have her! & she is right you inspired me to kick start my health and fitness journey.