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  1. Oh shoot, my sister was telling me about this girl. I just stumbled upon this channel. Apparently I went to school with this girl. I think I’m one year older, and I was also in Culinary Arts in the school too. But I could be wrong, this is only true if she went to La Quinta high. Small world.

  2. I absolutely love this 👀 👀 guide! It is as real as it gets, I made the decision of becoming a LadyBoss about a month ago, and I have learned to love myself for me, and to keep pushing my body to do what it is capable of doing. Believe me, it is more than what we think! I have lost about 4 Inches off my waist with the help of this program. I am still ways from my goal but it is surely getting me closer! I absolutely love it!!! It is such a blessing in my life!

  3. Omg i tried to loose weight since i was 10 i was Never happy with my Body im nearly 17 now And i decided Its the final time. Im gonna try And loose 20 pounds for my first small goal. When ill accomplish that ill Set Another one… watching these vids im like girl this is soooo relatable And im so upset because i still have this voice in the bać od my head like maybe you wont be able to do it … but now im doing it for me Not for anyone to see And i Hope this time i can finally do it And be happy with my Body And my life

  4. look, if a guy friend became interasted in u after u lost the weight, that is perfectly normal. really, ffs. its not shallow. intimate relationships can't exist wo physical attraction and honestly, being unhealthy is a great killer of physical attraction.

  5. I don't think that you can criticize someone for trying to get in touch if you also made no effort before now to stay in touch with them. Perhaps they are genuine. Alot of people get so caught up in their new life after high school that its difficult to stay in touch with everyone. Congratulations on your weight loss .

  6. It's definitely important to watch out for the users and those that only want to be your friend when they get something out of it. However after High School people move to different things and you naturally can lose touch with people when you don't see them in school. Sometimes they miss their friends from High School or people they want to make up for talking to people they wanted to know more, but never got the chance to do that back then. I still think of certain people from High School and Middle School I would love to reconnect with or those that I didn't talk to much during that time. It's not because of where they are in life now, it's because I'm more mature and the reason we lost touch or never connected in the first place was stupid immature reasons why.

  7. Hi first off I'm a guy, and I'm actually experiencing the opposite . I used to be very slim and tanned back in high school , which for some reason were very attractive to the girls and they would give me looks and compliments both online and real life. I started gaining a huge amount of weight in after I graduated high school and my gf broke up with me lmaooo. But I'm currently on a weight loss journey, and it's unfortunate that we do judge ppl based on looks.