Some ladies are not fat, but their calves look like “elephant legs” or men’s muscular legs.The calf muscle is definitely a worry to many beauty-craving ladies but is there a way to speedily slim the calf? When I was young I liked to jog and this made my calves appear muscular.When summer comes, everybody takes out her mini skirts and short pants! At this time it is quite embarrassing to expose one’s muscular calves. Today I would like to share with you some effective ways I have used to slim my calves. You can choose any one of the method mentioned later. Today’s leg muscle slimming exercise will help to succeed in reducing your leg muscle and give you slimmer legs. Lets watch my video and learn how to get slim calves Fast! will teach you how to make your calves smaller. Burn Your calves easily. Best Workout for Sexy and Slim Calves! Slim down your calves and thighs in 3 weeks! Slim down calf easily with me! Lets see your body transformation and share with me. Get sexy legs in 3 weeks!

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  1. i tried this for 6 months and didnt see results (the tiptoe excercise) now my calfs are still the same thickness and i really need some tips bcuz i get bullied for having big calves and i really want to stop that

  2. WHYYYYYY?!!!! You have NO IDEA how much I train my calves to make them increase in size…. Calves are important for strength and stability, but they are also VERY aesthetic!!!! >:'(

  3. It is really depressing seeing people doing the "Tiptoe" shit we call Calf Raises back in the bodybuilding forums and putting on mass in weeks saying its disgusting. Been smashing those calves for months and still close to zero progress.

    I didn't try them but I know for sure that they are NOT going to work.
    1. Running actually slims down your muscles. It is commonly known that cardio reduces your muscles. So keep on running on a steady pace and for long distances. On the other hand, sprinting develops muscles on your legs. If you don't believe me, just compare two pictures: one of an endurance runner, and one of a sprinter. See yourselves.

    Avoid tiptoe exercises, step machines, jumping jacks, rope jumping or any other high-impact jumping movements. Avoid steep inclined surfaces when you're running.
    Try instead pilates exercises, stretching and swimming.
    Also, if you have some fat on your legs, try to eat clean and drink a lot of water!

  5. Here's a tip that has worked WONDERS for me: DON'T do any intense leg work outs if you want thin, slim legs. Eat right, so your body is not gaining unnecessary fats, but the results will show. I do leg lifts whilst laying on my side for four minutes a day (per leg) and it has worked wonders to help me lose thigh and calf fat without gaining much muscle tone. Other simple exercises of this nature help too! Despite what many say, there is nothing wrong with trying to achieve this look. But don't compare yourself to the impossible. Your body type is your body type. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The right people will love and accept you regardless, cankles or no cankles. Just make sure not to fall down the path of anorexia, eating disorders, etc. Best of luck~

  6. Ugh…tiptoeing would just tone your muscles further??
    The ret I get coz they're basically stretching out the muscles so they would flatten(?) out and not appear as bulky but tiptoeing would definitely make things worse…
    A method I personally use and have seen many people share is propping your legs against a wall for 15~20 minutes everyday. Make sure your butt is touching the wall. It worksXDD