You guys asked for it so here it is. My detailed eBook on how I lost 30 lbs in 30 days without exercise is finally available on Amazon:

If I can lose 30 lbs in 30 days, so can you!!!!


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If you are lazy like me and don’t have much time for cooking, check out this cookbook that I recently purchased. They have amazingly tasting, quick and easy recipes that actually help burn fat:


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If you want to try out a pedialyte formula such as the one that I’m drinking in this video, this is one of my favorites:

It helped me during my weight loss journey. It is very hydrating and it’s a good alternative when you get bored of drinking water. Try it out for yourself!


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Diet Plan Details:

Days 1 through 7 – drink water only. If hunger pains become unbearable, fall back on a vegetable, a fruit, a yogurt, or protein bar of your choice. The brand does not matter. Do not do this more than once a day.

Days 8 through 30 – Have a small cup of cereal for breakfast (kellogs, frosted flakes, or special k). For lunch, have a PALM full of anything you’d like except fried foods, fast food, beef or pork. For dinner, have any fruit you’d like. Dinner should not be eaten past 7pm.

Drinks lots and lots of water all day. Add lemon for taste, if needed.

NO EXERCISE is required!



  1. It's true, I believe you, because you no longer have fatty oils, junk foods, ad acidic drinks in your system! You're eating healthy fats like chicken and fish, and the fact that you're consuming a lot of water, that it self is vital!

  2. get ready 2 bounce 2 a higher weight then when u started.
    starving ur self does drop the pounds, but a lot of that is muscle.
    i am not interested in losing weight, i am interested in losing fat, but thank u 4 the post.

  3. Fasting is a way not only to lose weight but to detox your body. Many people use intermittent fasting and it is perfectly acceptable. This practice has been used in Russia for decades to cure diseases. Watch the documentary The science of fasting in Amazon prime video. Good job, you look amazing!

  4. Exercise is different to working out. Exercise is taking a walk in the park. Working out is sessions in the gym. So you're saying you don't walk around in the day? Because that means 0 exercise

  5. But this is nothing if you don't keep it up. I'm not saying she will, but tonnes of people cut calories and then go right back at their normal diet