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  1. This is a great emergency-i-can't-get-corn-tortillas-fix, but this is not Mexican/Mayan/Azteca at all. What make corn tortillas, corn tortillas is the process of nixtamalization. You must take field corn and boil it in limestone powder, let it sit over-night, and wash of the limestone powder, at this point, the corn is ready for grinding to make masa. The limestone powder is what gives vitamins and nutrients that the Conquistadors and other Europeans didn't get; that is why many got sick.

  2. Sorry but not CORN TORTILLAS!!!! Corn tortillas are that , CORN ! And you use a tortilla presser. I've seen people from India make these and should stop calling them tortillas !

  3. I agree..homemade tortillas are the absolute best…i love them..the stir bought ones are so sad compared to homemade ones

  4. To the Creaturish Cheese and Onion Enchilada is the sauce and the cheese and onion stir at a proportion 1 part cheese one part onion. The tortilla are steamed. The sauce placed on hot and only couple minute left to cook in baking the top layer cheese covered until melted in 2 minute. The cheese is for Clovenhoof grasing animal. The sauce from tomato sauce and cumin to 1/4 inch pour over already filled and baked enchilada having been filled together the cheese and onion stir. There is the effort. To the more perfected recipe. One say have a rustic 3 holiday sometime at 30 day.

  5. Very nice instructional video. I also add all purpose flour to my corn flour. It helps make rolling out easier and more flexible. Looking forward to more videos.