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  1. Great. We are Sri Lankan. World's best cinnamon come from Sri Lanka. Known as Ceylon (Sri Lankan) cinnamon, it has ultra-low coumarin (a natural toxin) compare to Cassia.

  2. I have this recipe that wrote three years ago and it says I can leave it over night to rise and it take 3 days to make the recipe

  3. It's now Dec 23rd 2017 and once again I'm making these lovelies for Christmas. Actually for my co-workers as well.

  4. I'd like to make some of these to bake on Christmas morning. Is it ok to do everything the day before and put them in the fridge? Do I need to refrigerate after the first or second rise? Thanks.

  5. Definitely can't hide the evidence when comes to cinnamon rolls.I will eat 4 of those after 1 min out from the oven.CRAZY😂

  6. LOL am I the only one who started hysterically laughing between 4:104:30 when she cranked up the mixer and started to speak so loud over the mixer noise and the way she said "have that ready on hand" 😂

  7. Made them this afternoon. They are AMAZING. You really can’t mess these up. The dough is Very forgiving. I cooked mine a bit longer and had crispy tops and outside rolls, and fluffy ones inside. Both are delicious. Thank you Laura

    PS I brushed on another layer of melted butter and added 2 minutes of cook time, but I’m in a high humidity area right now. That gave mine a crispy top that the glaze LOVED

  8. I followed the recipe EXACTLY and my dough always end up dry… I don’t know if it’s too much flour or not enough liquid… but I follow the recipe and the measurement. Yet my dough come out crumbly. And yes, my water is the appropriate temperature for my yeast. What is wrong? This recipe honestly doesn’t work for me. I always end up tweeking and adding more liquid. Just a FYI for anyone who attempts to make it.