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It’s almost Labor Day, and that means a new school year is about to begin for many school children. Perhaps as a parent of a young child you are wondering what new ideas to help encourage your kids to eat a nutritious lunch, and also expand their developing food palettes.

Dr. Betty Izumi, a child nutritionist, sustainable food systems researcher at Portland State University, and herself a mother of young children, demonstrates three different homemade lunch ideas that may satisfy both parent and child alike. As Dr. Betty shows in the video, it’s not only what is inside the sack lunch that counts, but also how it is put together. In the end, school lunches that are healthy, fresh, and fun are the keys to a satisfying lunch-time experience.

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  1. What 5 year old kid likes egg salad sandwiches, beets, tomato mozzarella sandwiches, pesto pasta and hummus?? I don't think these lunches are for young children.

  2. You guys are making fun of how she is feeding her daughter healthy shaking my head at yall I think you're doing great miss! Good job

  3. These sound good your kid must have great pallet of taste as these sound like adult lunches except for flower …But really you gave her one tinny little fig cookie you could at least gave her 2 since it it special treat

  4. Unfortunately, I don't know any child who would be grateful for these types of lunches. (and I have 2 boys of my own.)

  5. Wonderful ideas! I make my own hummus too. I can't believe I never thought to freeze half of it! ~Lori
    (I want the pesto pasta for my lunch today!)

  6. My kid would be like 'mom, I think you gave me your lunch' or 'mom, are you mad at me'!! I wish my kids would eat like this but uh, no, no way.