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  1. BS, it has to be 100 % not 4-20% to call it a success , there 100 % success available now………………, if u go to the right MD………..about 3% of current practitioners ……………………., just go as early as possible….don't touch Chemo or Radiotherapy

  2. Charlotte says not to use this type of water. She said to use distilled water. So I have a distiller on my counter! It's a 7 gallon and you can get them for $999.00 and shipping is $99.00. But great video.

  3. Cut the leaks and put them in a bowl of water and swish around. wait a bit and the sand/grit will sink to the bottom and you avoid eating the majority of the dirt 🙂 and i agree with the others, while cilantro has great qualities (heavy metal detoxing abilities) … it is not at all the same thing as italian parsley, cilatro is used in mexican dishes and curly or flat leaf (aka italian parsley) in other dishes 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting the video! Is it allowed to eat Quinoa or millet as soup or in salad in one of the three meals in a day during Gerson Therapy? Thanks!

  5. just so you know, organic food producers DO use pesticides. they're just a certain type of pesticides. they can use pyrethrin (an insecticide that can kill lice, derived from chrysanthemums) but not malathion (another insecticide).

  6. Unfortunately ALL seed is genetically already modified thanks to Monsanto! But all we can do is choose to eat organic or certified organic foods at best!

  7. hi.The way to get the dirt off the leeks is to cut them pretty finely before you wash them.  Cut them into a bowl of water and then rub off any dirt that still remains.

  8. There were no tomatoes or potatoes in Greece at Hippocrates time. They came in Europe after the time of Spanish colonization of South America, especially potatoes came in Greece around 1825

  9. Pressure cookers allowed instead of 2-3 hours cooking?
    and – is your water in the US really organic – or added with fluorides?

  10. I love to use my salad spinner for cleaning my leaks. Cut them rinse a bit put in salad spinner fill with water spin and allow to sit. scoop out lite rise and whala' clean leaks… =)

  11. Thanks for sharing Gerson good thing for all.Nutritional tip : To get most benefit from garlic wait until 20 mins before soup is ready to trun off then chop fine the garlic and let sit for 10 minutes on cutting board and then add to soup with just 10 mins left  of cooking time for soup. Letting garlic sit after chop for 10 minutes before adding to soup allows for chemical reaction to occur that makes garlic so powerfully good for you.