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♡DISCLAIMER: All ingredients used throughout this video were paleo except the rice malt syrup. This was an optional topping 🙂

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  1. Hey Sezzy, have you noticed a difference in your stomach's tolerance between free range eggs and the more processed kind? Eggs have started to really bother my stomach so it's a little hard to do quick easy protein packed meals without eating eggs. Thank you!

  2. What is the pancake desert recipe just found your channel very helpful with healthy eating I love it everything looks so good have a great day 😊

  3. Wow although none of these recipes sound good to me, this video was so aesthetically pleasing to watch lol I love your videos I can tell you put so much time into all of them! 💕😌

  4. Sezzy, the pancakes were the best I've ever had!! And I've tried making quite a few healthy versions. This one is by far my favorite!

  5. OH MY GOSH PLEASE NEVER STOP SLAYING THAT YOUTUBER LIFE!! I honestly love watching your videos they make want to get off this couch and go do something productive! I love your personality, your goals, your mentality, your sezzy twisted humour. It's just all so perfectly perfect! I looooved this vid because it talks about food and breakfast and who doesn't love breakfast like please?! Anyways, I hope you're having a wonderful day and hopefully you have time to read this comment and now I'm just going to try and find a video of yours that I haven't watched yet so I can continue my sezzy binge watching 😊. I'm always so excited when there's been three days since your last video because that means that there's one coming that day 😝

  6. I was reading up on paleo based diet and it mentions eating carbs after a workout to replenish your glucose level…? Do you do this?

  7. I LOVEEEE your food videos!! Could you do one on starting a Paleo diet and what to know/ what to look out for when you're beginning? I would appreciate it SO much <3 <3

  8. I really gotta ask this, does anyone know of a good protein powder?? I really wanna try some but I got one and it tastes and smells like play dough!!!!! Feel free to leave recommendation 🙂

  9. please can you make a low carb paleo breakfast , lunch , dinner , snacks and deserts recipes video because i would really appreciate it and i need some more recipes for what foods to eat for breakfast , lunch , dinner , desert and snacks on low carbs days because i'm trying to do carb cycling but i'm finding i hard when i don't know what to eat , love you and your videos sezzy xxx

  10. I think something fun and cool to do would be like a downloadable recipe book. Maybe do one for breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc.

  11. Hi Sarah, Was just wondering why you used rice malt syrup on your pancakes? I know you don't eat rice and I was thinking that maple syrup would be a better choice? Love you to pieces. Watch you everyday here in Canada!